Helping My Mom Navigate Her Future

October 10, 2019 22 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Amerigroup. All opinions are mine alone.

As my mom gets older, I’m realizing that she needs me in new ways. She is still in decent health luckily, but she regularly asks for help with making everyday decisions: where to live, which types of insurance she needs, which doctor to visit, etc. I talked about my relationship with her about a month ago in this post and today I’ll follow up on how we’re navigating her senior years. I’ll also be discussing some of the services offered by Amerigroup and how they are specifically designed to improve the lives of older consumers.

What is Amerigroup? It offers high-quality Medicare Advantage plans that are quite affordable. Amerigroup’s plans can help serve as a valuable partner in the health of older consumers. I especially like their plans for people like my mother because the plans take a whole-person approach to the individual. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my father passed away a few years ago and since then, my mom has relied on me in a number of ways. One of our favorite traditions is to visit the local park together right after lunch.

Thinking about her future, one of my biggest concerns is her ability to get around. She does not drive; in fact, she has not driven in about 40 years. For this reason, her independence is a bit limited. She has continually selected housing options that are in close proximity to the essential services she needs on a daily basis. This spot right here is one of our favorite ones to sit down and chat with each other.

Did you know that Amerigroup provides its members with the choice of healthy food delivery or health-related transportation services? As someone who can’t really get around town herself, my mom would greatly benefit from these offerings. By the way, the babbling brook is one of our favorite features of this park. The sound of the water is so calming.

There are actually a number of new Amerigroup benefit options for 2020, including nutrition support/education, service dog support and pest control. My mom abides by quite a few nutritional restrictions, including a low-sodium diet. Often, she is confused about what she is allowed to eat and honestly, she sometimes has trouble finding meals that are compliant with all her dietary limitations. Having access to nutritional support & education would help her find meals that are healthy, appropriate and delicious!

The pest control service, which is another new offering for 2020, can benefit her greatly as well. She lives in an apartment building and sometimes she faces pest issues from neighboring apartments. Since she doesn’t have the resources to tackle these issues alone, the pest control option offered by Amerigroup could definitely help her feel more comfortable in her own space. And that’s a WIN in my book!

I’ve learned a lot about my mom over the last few years, since we’ve spent so much time together. In some ways, we’re similar and in other ways, we’re quite different. For example, I am generally more of a homebody – I really don’t mind spending a whole day indoors in some comfy PJs, a great movie and yummy snacks! In fact, I’d look forward to a day like that! She, on the other hand, really thrives on social interactions and doesn’t enjoy being alone at all. That’s why I try to spend time with her whenever I can.

Not surprisingly, my mom has gotten lonely easily ever since my dad passed away. She is happiest when she is among friends and family. I love that Amerigroup offers the option of access to adult day centers to reduce loneliness. Amerigroup also gives the option of personal helpers to assist with daily activities at home, such as taking care of laundry, grocery shopping, cooking meals, cleaning the house, and more.

One way that my mom and I are similar is that we both love to read up on medical news. My mom enjoys learning about the latest treatments for her ailments and she has always gravitated toward more natural remedies. She has specifically expressed an interest in acupuncture so we’re excited that Amerigroup offers access to alternative medicine treatments, including acupuncture.

Amerigroup knows that in order to help people live healthier lives, it’s important to lower all the barriers that stand in the way and increase access to those resources that manage everyday health issues. When these health concerns are addressed, consumers are better able to manage their chronic conditions, avoid health-related accidents and interact more purposefully with their community.

Don’t forget to learn more about Amerigroup’s new services here. Do you help to take care of anyone? What challenges do they face in their older years?

Thank you to Amerigroup for sponsoring this conversation.

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