Five Reasons to Try Spottie

February 22, 2019 19 By EngineerMommy

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Many of us never leave the house without our phone! From keeping in touch with friends/family to checking social media to playing online games, our phones are a practical way to both escape the everyday routine and connect with loved ones. I recently discovered Spottie and it has quickly become my favorite game!

Five Reasons to Try Spottie

Whether I’m spending the day shopping at the mall or simply trying to walk around a new city, Spottie has definitely become my go-to app! It’s an interactive game that makes it possible – and fun – to meet others face-to-face! Here are some reasons why you should try Spottie.

1. Make new friends!

Who couldn’t use some more friends? Whether you just moved to a new town or are simply looking for someone to have a cup of coffee with on weekends, making friends on Spottie is simple & straightforward. It’s particularly useful if you find yourself a bit timid meeting new people in the traditional way. Spottie is a great way to break the ice and connect with individuals you might not meet otherwise. Skip the silly swiping methods of other apps and see how Spottie can get you out of your comfort zone.

Five Reasons to Try Spottie

2. Play an interactive game!

Playing a game on Spottie is essentially the main purpose of the app. Players can choose between a one-on-one or multi-player game. With Spottie, you can make new connections with real people anywhere. How do you play a game on Spottie? First answer your daily questions (this will provide the clues to help other people spot you!) Once you have engaged in a game with another person, the app will provide clues (one clue per minute). The player who finds the other person first wins! Once you have found the other person, you have the choice to add the person as a friend.

Five Reasons to Try Spottie

Watch this video to learn more.

3. Network with others!

Do you run a business? Are you always looking for new clients? Spottie could be a great source of referrals. Not only can you find friends via the interactive game, but you can also make professional connections. With the in-app messaging and calling features, it’s easy to stay in touch with individuals you have spotted in the past. This can be particularly helpful for realtors, restaurateurs, contractors, etc.

Five Reasons to Try Spottie

4. Collect coins!

One of the most exciting things about Spottie is that you can earn coins as you gain experience with the game and spot players more quickly. If you want to purchase coins, you can get 20 coins for 99 cents or 100 coins for $2.99. What can you do with the coins? Coins can be converted into more lives; in fact, 20 coins will get you 1 life. You can also buy all hints for just 10 coins- this will let you find the other player more quickly. Furthermore, if you can’t find the other player, just 5 coins will buy you an extra 2 minutes of gameplay. There are so many ways that coins can help you master the game of Spottie!

Five Reasons to Try Spottie

5. Have fun!

At the end of a busy day, we all need to just unwind and do something fun. Playing Spottie is actually very entertaining and engaging. Instead of heading indoors after a busy day, head to a busy coffee shop (or the town center)  and play Spottie. With Spottie, you can quickly become a social butterfly. In fact, making friends all over town has never been easier!

Five Reasons to Try Spottie

So what are you waiting for? Download the free app for Android / iOS and get started playing today!

Learn more about how Spottie makes socializing more fun. Have you ever tried Spottie? Are you looking for a new, interactive social networking app?

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