DIY Pencil Holder for Teachers

August 14, 2019 21 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Kleenex® Facial Tissue. All opinions are mine alone.

I cannot believe we are gearing up for the back-to-school season already – it feels like the summer flew by! This time of year is always so hectic. Between new teachers, new schedules and even new friends, there’s so much adjustment to be made during the first few weeks of school. One thing I do every single year is prepare a little care package for the teachers. In addition to some classroom staples like Kleenex® Facial Tissue and pencils, I’m also gifting my daughter’s teacher a DIY Pencil Holder that was made from an empty tissue box.

I’ve always had a big place in my heart for teachers – my mom was a math teacher and I know firsthand just how hard educators work to provide the best possible experience for their students. That’s precisely why I try to be active in my daughter’s classroom every single year. I volunteer my time to assist at class parties and I donate goods to the classrooms throughout the year.

One of the most highly-requested items to be donated is tissues and when it comes to tissues, nothing beats Kleenex® Facial Tissue from Costco. Not only are these tissues soft & comfortable against the skin, but the bundle pack at Costco (it includes 10-12 packs) is an amazing deal. In fact, between 8/7-9/1, members can save $4.50 on the Kleenex bundle pack at Costco – in-store and online too. Indeed, Kleenex® Facial Tissue at Costco is Made to Give More! Take advantage of this deal while it lasts – and while you’re in Costco, pick up other household staples right under the same roof.

Did you know that Kleenex® Facial Tissue includes 43% more tissues per box than the best-selling Kleenex tissue box in rest of market (160ct box.) I love a good deal and these boxes are so beautiful. Just look at the fun patterns & designs available in this bundle pack.

As the school year starts, cold & flu season usually ramps up so having Kleenex® Facial Tissue on hand is essential. When you’ve finished all the tissues in a Kleenex® Facial Tissue box, don’t throw away the empty cardboard box. Here’s a fun project you can make with it.

Start by cutting the box in half using a pair of scissors.

Using some red poster board and a spray adhesive, wrap the outside of the box with red poster board.

Using some brown & green construction paper, cut out the shapes of a stem & two leaves. Use a dab of glue to adhere them right to the box.

Using some alphabet stickers, write the name of your child’s teacher on the front of the box. Obviously, this step is optional but it adds a sweet personalized touch.

This pencil holder will be the perfect spot to store pencils. I know my child’s teacher will really appreciate this care package I created using four Kleenex® Facial Tissue boxes and a strip of ribbon. Easy peasy!

This set of tissue boxes, along with the DIY Pencil Holder, will be a great start to the new school year. I’m so happy with how this pencil holder came out.

Charlotte is really excited to bring this package to her new teacher in September. First grade, here we come!

Did you know that when you help to stock your child’s classroom with essential items like Kleenex® Facial Tissue, you become a Classroom Hero?! Without these items donated by parents, teachers would have to purchase these supplies using their own money. Since school budgets are only getting tighter over time, this move is putting an undue financial strain on our country’s educators.

Find Kleenex® Facial Tissue at your local Costco store. We visit our local Costco store at least once per week to pick up household goods, paper goods and groceries, so it’s convenient that I can find yet another staple in the same store. Don’t forget to take advantage of this amazing deal, where you can save $4.50 on the Kleenex bundle pack at Costco (valid between 8/7-9/1)! By the way, you will see this discount on the price tag in the warehouse and it will be applied at the register. It’s also available at Costco online.

See how Kleenex® Facial Tissue from Costco can make you a Classroom Hero by clicking here. Make this DIY Pencil Holder for your kid’s teacher this year. Have you ever made something out of an empty tissue box?

Thank you to Kleenex® Facial Tissue for sponsoring this conversation.

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