A More Convenient Way to Manage My Health

May 8, 2019 19 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Let’sGetChecked. All opinions are mine alone.

For years now, I have had low Vitamin D levels and I’ve always had to make regular appointments at the doctor’s office to get new readings. However, I recently discovered Let’sGetChecked and it’s helping me manage my health so much more conveniently. Let’sGetChecked offers convenient & accurate health testing for men & women and results are provided online within2-5 days!

Let’s face it… going to the doctor’s office is a bit of a pain. Between waiting to make an appointment and then dealing with traffic & long lines, it’s a real hassle. With Let’sGetChecked, keeping track of my Vitamin D levels can be done from home on my own schedule.

To manage my low Vitamin D levels, I have been taking Vitamin D supplements for several months. I have also been sitting out in the sun for 15-30 minutes per day. Did you know that the body produces Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight? So I’ve been making sure to get outside at least 15-20 minutes every single day and soak in some sun.

I was so curious if these lifestyle changes have had an impact on my Vitamin D levels so I couldn’t wait to order the Essential Vitamin Test from Let’sGetChecked. The whole process was super simple:

  • You start by ordering exactly what you need. Whether you need an individual test or a longer-term subscription, Let’sGetChecked has a wide variety of health tests. I love that the tests are delivered via next day delivery so you don’t have to wait long to get started.

  • Collect your sample and return it on the same day, using the prepaid shipping label.  

One thing I really appreciate about the Let’sGetChecked system is that they manufacture all their test kits at their accredited facility. Plus, there’s a team of physicians that review the results, along with a team of nurses to assist with treatment options. Confidential results are available within 2-5 days via your online account.

With Let’sGetChecked, I can track my lab & health information in one spot. I can also speak with the physician team at any time of the day or night. I recently found out I can even link my FitBit stats to my online dashboard for even more insight into my health profile.

The Let’sGetChecked system has performed over 125,000 tests and detected over 3,700 infections. There are tests available in a wide number of categories: Men’s Health (male hormones), General Wellness (colon cancer, cholesterol, cortisol, CRP, etc.), Women’s Health (female fertility, female hormones, etc.) and Sexual Health Tests. I was so thrilled to discover that my Vitamin D levels were within the normal range. So were the other vitamins tested… Hooray!!

The website really offers a wealth of information.

I will continue taking my Vitamin D supplements and getting some sunlight. When I need another follow-up test, I will order another test from Let’sGetChecked. Health testing on my own terms? Yes, that’s a WIN in my book! If you want to try out Let’sGetChecked, use the following promo code to save big: ENGMOMMY

Learn more about Let’sGetChecked here. If you want to learn more about the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency check out their blog article here.  Would you be interested in trying out one of these tests? Do you have a blood test result that tends to be out of range?



If you have any health concerns, see a licensed physician.

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