7 Ways I Reward Myself

May 30, 2019 23 By EngineerMommy

This post was sponsored by OREO as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

As a wife, mom and business owner, I do so much for everyone around me every single day. However, I deserve some special “me” time too. Today I’ll share some ways that I like to reward myself. From indulging in my favorite OREO Cookies & Crème Chocolate King Size Bar to watching my favorite movies, I’m sharing it all today.

1. Play a game.
You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a good game. It doesn’t have to be a video game. I will sometimes play a few games on our game console, but I also really enjoy a game of pool. My husband and I will go to the local billiard hall a few times per month and it’s always so much fun. Not only is it exciting & challenging to win the games, but it’s also a great stress-reliever too!

2. Enjoy a favorite treat.
When it comes to rewarding myself, a delicious treat ranks pretty high on my list. I have always been a big fan of OREO Cookies so I was sure that the NEW OREO Cookies & Crème Chocolate Bars would be absolutely delicious… and they were!

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The combination of crunchy OREO Cookies and creamy Milka white chocolate makes this a delicious delight for the taste buds. I often put one of these bars in my handbag so I can stave off those midday hunger pangs! 

I will often go on a hike at a local park. Enjoying this treat by the stream is pretty much my idea of a great afternoon! 

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3. Designate a lazy day to do absolutely nothing.
Lazy days do not come around that often, but when they do, they are a real treat. I will occasionally pick a day (usually on a weekend day) and literally do nothing productive all day. It’s such a reward to be selfish and self-serving all day. By the end of the day, I usually feel way more energetic & rejuvenated!

4. Take a walk in the park or woods.
I have always been drawn to nature. There’s something about the woods (or any rural setting) that really speaks to me. It soothes my soul, clears my mind and resets my mood. Oh, and if I can enjoy nature with my favorite candy bar in hand, well, it pretty much doesn’t get any better than that!

5. Watch a favorite movie.
I have a few favorite movies that I will watch again and again. They are simply so funny that I always laugh every time I watch them. Plus, there’s something especially fun about curling up on the couch with some popcorn and some comfy blankets to watch a movie. If you don’t have any favorite movies that excite you, you can also plan a marathon of your favorite show or series.

6. Buy yourself fresh flowers.
You don’t need a significant other to buy you flowers. I will often buy myself flowers simply because they make me happy. They’re beautiful, colorful and aromatic. I place them on my home office desk and they totally lift my mood… and even boost my productivity levels!

7. Enjoy some gardening.
Just like fresh flowers, gardening is an activity that is an experience for the senses. I love getting my hands dirty in the yard, planting flowers, trimming the shrubs and watering the lawn. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a green lawn you’re proud of!!

Don’t forget to pick up OREO Cookies & Crème Chocolate Bars at Walmart and experience the delicious taste of these bars today. How do you reward yourself? Do you also believe that it’s important to reward ourselves just because we deserve it?

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