7 Tips on Rocking the Back-to-School Transition

August 9, 2019 21 By EngineerMommy

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Summer always seems to fly by, and this year is no different. It’s almost time for a new school year and this year is very exciting for my family. Both of my daughters will be taking the school bus beginning in September and both will have a full day of school. Charlotte is entering first grade and Sophia is entering third grade…wow, where did the time go? Today I’ll be sharing some practical tips on rocking the back-to-school transition, from using the right time-saving products to keeping breakfast quick & simple.

1. Keep the lines of communication open!

Your child may be nervous about going back to a school for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe she’s nervous about finding her classroom. Or maybe she won’t know anyone else in her class. Or maybe she doesn’t know if her teacher will be nice. Tell your child to come to you with any concerns. Sit down and have heartfelt conversations regularly in the weeks leading up to school. Make sure your child knows that you are always available for a chat and try to allay her concerns & reassure her.

2. Use the right time-saving products!

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3. Pick outfits for the week!

A frantic search for socks at 7:30am is never fun. Many moms have been there at one point or another. Make your life easier by taking some time on Sunday night to collect five different outfits with your child. Also, include a matching pair of socks and any accessories required to complete the look. Put everything for one outfit on a dedicated hanger. By Monday morning, you should have five hangers with coordinated outfits. The value of a lower-stress morning? Priceless!

4. Keep breakfast simple!

Mornings are generally a very hectic time. Since kids enjoy the power of choice, I always try to offer a few options for meals. However, I try to keep breakfast simple by offering just two choices (waffles or eggs, for example.) Another trick we have used to save time in the mornings is to have breakfast on the go occasionally. Granola bars and cereal bars are fun, portable options. Baked egg muffins (made with eggs, milk, cheese & veggies baked in muffin trays) are another portable breakfast solution. Both of my kids love smoothies so I’ll sometimes take one of those to go, as well.

5. Encourage some outdoor play time!

Kids sit still in school for most of the day, except for one session of recess and the obligatory walk to/from various classrooms. To help them burn off some pent-up energy, encourage some active playtime outdoors after school. Let them ride their bike or scooter in the driveway. Let them play tag with some neighborhood friends. I always encourage them to be physically active for at least 45 minutes at some point when they get home from school. 

6. Visit the school/class ahead of time!

My kids’ school offers an opportunity in August for parents to bring their child to visit classrooms before classes officially start in September. It’s a way of introducing the child to the new environment in a casual, stress-free way. Take advantage of something like this if your school offers it. If not, just driving to the school with your child and showing them the front door & playground can help ease some anxiety.

7. Relax!

The back-to-school transition can be a little stressful for both parents and kids, but keep in mind that it may be worse for parents in some cases. Since your child will probably mimic your attitude, try to set a good example and embrace a relaxed attitude. 

Don’t forget to learn more about how Aussie can help you rock the new school year! Do you have any other tips for an awesome back-to-school transition?

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