7 Awesome Finds for Fall

September 5, 2019 2 By EngineerMommy

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Fall is in the air! The temps have been in the 70’s here today and I’m loving the cooler breeze. September is officially here and I can almost smell the pumpkin spice lattes & cedar-scented candles. The truth is that fall is probably my favorite season of the year. The crisp air, the colorful leaves, the coziness offered by the fireplace…I love it all. To welcome fall, I browsed our last blog hop and got so much inspiration. Here are seven recipes, decor & craft ideas – all inspired by fall – that caught my eye this week.


1. Banana Bread Waffles

As a kid, I used to have homemade banana bread quite often so naturally, these banana bread waffles totally caught my eye! I love that they’re made with a boxed mix so it’s easier & quicker to whip up this breakfast on a busy weekday or a lazy weekend. Here’s a boxed mix that I really like. Details for the recipe here.

2. Easy Porch Decor

During this time of year, I totally try to add a little greenery to my porch and BusyLifestyleLegal has some great ideas to put together some gorgeous plants. I love how she combined tall plants in the center and hanging ones along the circumference of the planter. Totally professional look. Details here.

3. DIY Scrunchies

Y’all know I love a good craft project. These DIY scrunchies are so adorable and I love that they’re quite easy to make. What a fun project to do with a child. I know Sophia absolutely loves these fluffy (as she calls them) scrunchies and she would be a great helper during this craft project. Get some sweet fabric patterns hereDetails on the craft here.

4. Rustic Farmhouse Decorative Touches

The farmhouse design trend is still in full force and I’m loving every minute of it. OurCloverHouse has some simple – yet powerful – ideas to spruce up your home with farmhouse-inspired signs. The right pieces can really spruce up an otherwise-bland space. Details on styling farmhouse signs here.

5. Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake Sandwiches

Did someone say pumpkin? Sign me up! I don’t know what it is about September (and October & November, if we’re being honest) that just makes me crave all things pumpkin. These mini pumpkin cheesecake sandwiches are not only adorably small, but they also look so fun & festive. Perfect to make any fall day extraordinary. Details on the recipe here.

6. DIY Antiqued Mirrors

Antiqued mirrors are all the rage in home design these days, but the prices on these pieces can be quite steep. With the right tools & some patience, you can recreate the effect at home. By the way, antiquing a mirror definitely involves harsh chemicals so using protective gear like this is key. A series of antiqued mirrors would look amazing on a fireplace mantel, don’t you think? I love how SoMuchBetterWithAge gives practical tips to achieve this look on a budget. Details on the project here.

7. Ruffled Felt Pumpkins

Who doesn’t love a great fall craft? These DIY ruffled felt pumpkins are absolutely adorable. I can’t believe how easy it is to create this festive look. You can even do this project with other colors of felt for a more understated vibe. Get your felt here and start flexing your craft muscles. Details on the craft here.

I hope this post inspired you to get creative in the kitchen or craft room this week. Who else is excited about fall?


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