5 Retro Trends Making a Big Comeback

September 26, 2019 16 By EngineerMommy

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What’s old becomes new again! Today’s trends in fashion, design and electronics are actually taking a cue from the past – and with awesome results to boot. These five trends are totally reminiscent of yesteryear, but they are new & improved versions of classic designs. From a powerful Retro Boombox Speaker to bold wallpaper, see which trends from the past are making a big comeback this year!

1. Retro Boombox

The new ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker looks just like an 80’s-style retro cassette boombox but it’s actually outfitted with the latest technology. With two full-range speakers that boast 14 watts of power, this speaker delivers powerful bass and clear highs. Got cassette tapes at home? This device will play them & record onto them, making all your favorite old music new again!

Thanks to the built-in microphone & sensitive AM/FM radio, you can even make recordings onto cassette tapes from the radio or from your own voice. Check out the retro look of this device! It totally brings me back!!


Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth® technology, this speaker can wirelessly stream music from other sources. The USB port makes it possible for this device to handle basically any music source you throw at it. With bass and treble controls, it’s possible to customize the tone to my exact taste.

Equipped with both an AC power cable and a long-lasting rechargeable battery (10 hours), this speaker provides hours of fun. With the Boombox Deluxe, you can enjoy the best of the old & the best of the new. 

2. Bean Bag Chairs

Who remembers bean bag chairs from back in the day? In the past, they used to be made from cheap vinyl or polyester fabrics. Nowadays, they’re being manufactured with higher-quality materials and even some exotic materials, making them the perfect complement to any decor style. If you really want to kick back & get cozy, a bean bag chair is a must! 

3. Ripped Denim

Ripped jeans was a very popular fashion trend throughout the 80’s and it has made its way back to mainstream use. This trend comes in many different forms, from jeans with a single slit across the knees to jeans with multiple shreds throughout. I’m totally digging this trend and I have several denim pairs that fit this trend.

4. Mustard Yellow Decor

Mustard yellow in home decor was quite trendy back in the 70’s. However, it’s coming back in style – and for good reason. Yellow adds a bright, vibrant element to a space, bringing it to life and giving it some dimension. Understandably, some people will be timid about using mustard yellow in their home decor and for them, accent pieces (like a throw pillow or a rug) would be a great way to conservatively incorporate this trend into the home. For those that are a bit more adventurous, you can purchase larger pieces of furniture in this color and really make a statement! 

5. Bold Wallpaper

Back in the 70’s & 80’s, no room was complete without some bold wallpaper. For those that appreciate wallpaper, I have good news – wallpaper is officially back! Nowadays wallpaper is manufactured to be more durable and easier to install than previous versions. Furthermore, there are so many different patterns and colors available to suit any design style. Personally, I love how wallpaper can add a fun texture to the walls and even help to ground a space. Not ready to commit to a full wall of wallpaper? Try adding it to the back of a built-in or the inside of a cabinet for a fun pop of color! 

Don’t forget to learn more about the ION Boombox here. How do you feel about these retro trends that are making a comeback? Would you like to experience the powerful sound & retro design of the ION Boombox? 


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