5 Must-Have Tools for a Green Lawn

May 2, 2019 16 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Ray Padula. All opinions are mine alone.

With spring in full swing, now is the perfect time to tend to one’s lawn. Keeping the grass green & healthy does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. In fact, with the right tools & some effort, a beautiful lawn is definitely within reach! I recently received a number of lawncare tools from Ray Padula and I know this set will serve me well for this season and for many years to come!

Do you tackle your own lawn maintenance? Here are some must-have tools that should be part of your DIY collection!

1. Nozzle
A nozzle is an essential lawncare tool as it helps to deliver water from the hose right to the grass, plants, flowers and shrubs. The Ray Padula PRO Series Thumb Control 10-Pattern Nozzle has a unique thumb-control design, making it a smart, ergonomic choice. There’s no need to bother with traditional triggers, which can result in hand stress after repeated use. With a simple push of the thumb, it’s possible to turn the nozzle on/off or adjust the flow. I have a lot of experience with traditional nozzles and this one felt way more comfortable in my hand!

Thanks to the one-piece, all-metal construction, this nozzle is sure to be durable for a long time. This is the perfect nozzle for everything from cleaning the car to everyday plant watering. By the way, that loop handle makes storage a breeze! 

2. Heavy Duty Hose
What lawncare collection is complete without a hose?! The Ray Padula InfiniFlo Platinum Heavy Duty garden hose has special Kink Shield Technology that’s designed to reduce twisting/kinking. Also, thanks to advanced 5-ply construction, this hose has a high burst strength, which means it’s designed to withstand high internal water pressures without cracking! That’s something I certainly appreciate, as I’ve had numerous hoses crack in the past. Plus, this large swivel grip makes faucet attachment so easy!  

3. Watering Wand

This 18in. watering wand is extra long, making it ideal for the watering of hanging baskets, small garden beds and potted flowers.

With 8 patterns to choose from, you can select the precise water stream for your particular needs. 

4. Sprinklers
Sprinklers are the most efficient way to water larger areas. The Ray Padula Sweeping Waters™ Classic Quick Reverse™ Oscillating Sprinkler features a double-layered Quick Reverse™ heart cam. This means that it provides a smooth rotating motion that eliminates those annoying puddles that are so common with traditional sprinklers. 

There’s a 32-position dial adjustment knob, which makes it possible to fully customize the watering pattern and deliver water right where it’s needed! The weighted base is designed to prevent tipping that sometimes happens with lower-end sprinklers. There’s even a gauge that lets you calculate how much water was delivered. Perfect to ensure there’s no under-watering or over-watering!

In addition to an oscillating sprinkler, a pulsating sprinkler is an essential tool for larger lawns. I got the Deluxe Metal Pulsating Sprinkler on In-Series 3-Prong Step Spike, which delivers water up to an 85 feet diameter circle! With a controlled rotation speed and a uniform water distribution, the pulsating sprinkler can be inserted into the soil by simply stepping on it. 

This sprinkler is specifically designed to provide a dense, even soaking of the soil. 

5. Bypass Pruner
Got shrubs? Then you need a bypass pruner like this 8.5 in. Deluxe Titanium Bypass Pruner! This is the ideal tool for trimming and pruning new growth up to 1 inch thick. Constructed from high-quality materials, these pruners will be a mainstay in my lawncare collection for many years to come. 

The ergonomic design means it’s comfortable to use these pruners for plenty of jobs throughout the yard. Plus, the gears provide 3X more cutting power with less force than typical pruners! Impressive, right?! They were certainly easy to use.

Based in New York, Ray Padula Garden offers over 2,000 items in 15 different lawncare product categories, including Hose-End Watering, Garden Hose, Hose Storage, Garden Tools, Pruning, Tank Sprayers, Spreaders and more. The brand is committed to customer satisfaction and has been providing lawn care tools to consumers since 2009. If you need any lawncare tools this year, think Ray Padula! Find their products at Home Depot, KMart, Targer, Amazon and other large retailers throughout the country. To keep up with the latest from the company, check them out on Instagram here!

See the impressive selection of lawncare tools at Ray Padula here. Do you maintain your own lawn? Did I miss any other essential lawncare tools?


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