The Easiest Way to DIY

May 11, 2018 4 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Pop Shop America. All opinions are mine alone.

Doing DIY projects has always been a passion of mine, but let’s face it… sometimes gathering all the materials and planning everything out can take a lot of time & effort. That’s why I’m loving the DIY Kits from Pop Shop America. For the last three months, I’ve had the pleasure of testing their DIY kits and I’ve been sharing my adventures on Instagram.

These DIY Kits make it possible to experiment with new techniques & materials without a lot of investment. The boxes are full of fun, curated goods. We have had a lot of fun with these boxes and the kids love to get involved, too. What I really appreciate about these DIY kits is that all the supplies are provided within each box so there’s no need to run to the store to gather a whole bunch of random supplies just for one project.

The first DIY kit that we received was the DIY Kawaii Jewelry Kit. It contained all the supplies necessary to make our own brightly-colored, fun jewelry. I also found some sweet stationery in the box. With the supplies provided, we made unique barrettes, rings, necklaces, key chains and more. The box also included a small tube of E-6000 glue- they really thought of everything! Here are some of the creations I made from this kit.

The second DIY kit was a feather imprinting set so it had special photosensitive paper and a bunch of interesting objects to make an imprint on paper. With this Sunprint kit, we create unique designs on paper – the kids really had a lot of fun with this one. The kids even grabbed some of their figurines & toys and used those to create cool imprints on the paper! I had never worked with photosensitive paper before, but now I’m thinking of other fun ways to incorporate it into my projects!

The third DIY kit had the supplies necessary to do some fun at-home gardening. The box included a cute little terra cotta planter, some wildflower seeds (both for sunny and shady spots), some soil, some seed bombs and some clay. I used these supplies to create a cute little garden on my windowsill.

If you enjoy DIY projects but want a simpler, easier way to flex your craft muscles, check out Pop Shop America’s DIY kits! With a monthly subscription, you can get everything you need to create fun little projects without all the hassle and cost of sourcing your own supplies. By the way, Pop Shop America also offers monthly subscription kits in other categories: Jewelry, Tshirt, Prints, Beauty & more.

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