Summer Safety Tips for Outdoor Fun

May 24, 2018 18 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and Gululu.

We spend a lot of time outdoors during the spring & summer. The girls love to run around the backyard and explore. We visit the play ground a few times per week and the kids have a blast making friends & swinging. We also do a fair amount of outdoor grilling so we have plenty of meals outside during the warmer months. Today I’ll be sharing some of my essential items to keep on hand to keep kids safe outdoors during spring & summer.

Summer Safety Tips for Outdoor Fun

Summer Safety Tips for Outdoor Fun

Summer Safety Tips for Outdoor Fun

1. Keep sunscreen on hand!
It’s so important to protect kids from the harmful rays of the sun during this time of year. Using a broad-spectrum, high-SPF sunscreen with UVA/UVB coverage is essential. In addition, avoiding excessive time outdoors when the sun is at peak strength, during the mid to late afternoon hours, can help kids avoid sunburn and the threat of heatstroke.

2. Keep hydrated!
Staying hydrated outdoors is key! When it comes to getting the kids inspired to drink, I love the Gululu Go interactive water bottle. It’s packed with fun, interactive features and really encourages kids to drink water throughout the day. Every time the child drinks water, a virtual pet that lives inside the bottle wakes up and engages the child in a fun adventure.
2018 GululuGo INS post1
The Gululu bottle has a screen that displays exciting underwater adventures. For example, one of the goals of this interactive play is to reach the lost planet Ima.
Gululu app Display (1)
Since the virtual pet needs water to stay happy & grow, the child will try to drink more water to help his/her pet. This encourages kids to stay hydrated and actually makes drinking water fun!
With the integrated sensory technology, it’s easy to keep track of the child’s fluid intake. In fact, parents can stay updated about water intake via a dedicated app. You may have seen Gululu featured on major publications and other media sources. Gululu was declared as one of the Top 5 Best Kid’s Gadgets! And I can see why! By the way, the company is passionate about giving back to those in need. They have partnered with to provide clean water for kids around the world. For every bottle purchased, a child in a developing country will be given clean well water for life!

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3. Avoid pesky bugs!
When spending a lot of time outside, make sure you’re not attracting mosquitoes, bees, and wasps. Avoid scents soaps, perfumes and hair sprays. Also, make sure you’re steering clear of any areas with still water or gardens with blooming flowers. Using a bug spray with DEET is another layer of protection that can go a long way!

4. Inspect the greenery!
Whether you’re in your own yard, on a hike or in the public park, be sure to keep a lookout for dangerous plants like poison ivy and poison oak. Develop a sense of what these plants look like (search for pictures online) and instruct the kids to stay far away from them. Even a plant like nightshade can be poisonous so be informed & stay cautious.

5. Bring a first aid kit!
Make sure you always have access to basic first aid supplies. You can buy a pre-assembled kit at most big box retailers, but you can also create one yourself. Here are some items to include: bandages, antibacterial gel, gauze, adhesive tape, tweezers, cold pack, children’s analgesic, adult analgesic, and washcloths.

I hope these tips have inspired you to stay safe this spring & summer. What is your best tips for keeping the kids safe outdoors during the warmer months?

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