5 Reasons Why You Need an Email Marketing Strategy

December 12, 2018 18 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Constant Contact. All opinions are mine alone.

Nowadays practically every business has an online presence. If your business is one that exclusively exists online (like a blog or e-commerce site, for example), then it’s even more important to make sure your online marketing efforts are highly effective. When it comes to connecting with people and reaching potential customers, email marketing is one the most important strategies. Today I’ll share five reasons why you need to develop a smart email marketing strategy, as well as outline why Constant Contact is a smart solution for managing your email list.

Do you know anyone without an email address? It’s basically unheard of these days… and there’s a good reason for that! Email is a convenient, affordable and personal way to keep in touch. Businesses know this and that’s why developing a smart email strategy is part of the marketing plan of most businesses. Sending out a series of intentional emails to potential customers is a dynamic, powerful way to build one’s company, develop brand loyalty and promote sales. Still not sure about the power of email? Here are 5 reasons why you need to develop an email marketing strategy today:

1. It’s effective at customer acquisition!
While social media might be good at building relationships, email marketing has been proven to be very effective at converting visitors into customers. Regular, well-structured emails have been shown to develop brand authority and build audience trust. Whether you’re trying to sell clothing from your e-commerce site or trying to sell an ebook from your blog, converting visitors into customers should be at the top of your priority list.

2. It’s affordable!
Not only is email marketing effective, but it’s also one of the most economical ways of reaching a large number of people. Traditional marketing methods, such as TV or radio, are associated with astronomical costs that are often out of reach for small & medium-sized businesses. With email marketing, each message costs next to nothing.

3. It’s quick to get started!
Whereas getting started with other forms of advertising may be time-consuming, launching an email campaign is quick and straightforward, especially with Constant Contact. You can design the emails and get them sent to your potential customers in mere minutes! Talk about a fast turnaround!

4. It can be customized!
Unlike traditional methods of advertising where you typically have a single message to all, email messages can be customized. You can segment your audience into specific lists and then send each list a particular message that speaks to this segment’s specific needs. This type of customization not only results in higher conversion rates, but it also makes for a much more pleasant experience for the customer.

5. It’s oriented around action!
Email is generally associated with an action. When you get an email from a friend, you might reply or you might forward the email. When you get an email from a business, you might be tempted to click through to the website to make a purchase. Email, at its core, is transactional in nature so it lends itself nicely to driving traffic and promoting sales.

Now that you see how awesome email marketing is, I ask you: If you’re not already sending out regular emails to your customers, why not? It is a smart way to super-charge your business and build brand authority. If you’re a blogger (like many of my readers), then you need to be sending emails to your subscribers, encouraging them to visit the site for more info & resources. And when it comes to managing an email marketing strategy, Constant Contact makes it so easy to get started! Their software allows you to easily collect email address from your website, social media channels, and more so you can reach the maximum number of people. If you already have a list, you can simply upload your contacts from Excel, Gmail, Outlook and more. Constant Contact will take care of the rest: unsubscribes, bounces and inactives. It’s easy to use and totally intuitive!

In fact, Constant Contact offers over 100 mobile-optimized email templates that can be customized. The service comes with an easy-to-use editor so you can make sure your emails look just the way you want them to without needing to know any complex programming language. No coding experience required at all! Making your brand stand out from the crowd has never been simpler.

With intelligent features like automated welcome emails, subject line A/B testing and audience segmentation, Constant Contact makes managing your email list like a pro easier than ever. There’s also a useful Marketing Calendar, List Building tool, Autoresponder, Shopify Integration, Donations, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Lead Ads and more.

When you want to track your email efforts, check out the real-time reports, list growth tools and advanced analytics. Knowing what works best with your audience will ensure your emails are as effective as possible- this will save you time & money in the long run.

Got a question on best practices or have a technical issue? Constant Contact offers live support so there’s someone available to help you right away with your issue. As a blogger who sometimes needs help with technical issues in the evening or on a weekend, live support is something I really appreciate. Oh, and there’s a free trial available so you can experience the service without risk. No credit card required!

Constant Contact has been in business for over 20 years. That kind of longevity lends to their reputation of helping small businesses succeed online every day.

Don’t forget to visit Constant Contact today to help you manage your email list! Do you find email to be an effective form of reaching your audience?

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