7 Money-Saving Hacks for a Family Vacation

July 9, 2018 26 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Dubli. All opinions are mine alone.

Now that the school year is over, we are planning a number of trips for summer break. We love getting out of town and exploring new locations together as a family. However, vacation costs can quickly add up so finding ways to keep those costs under control is essential. Here are some smart tips for saving money on your travel-related expenses this year.

  1. Set flight alerts!

Planning on flying somewhere but have flexible travel times? Setting a fare alert is an easy way to keep track of trends in flight rates. When you set a fare alert, you can be notified if the fare changes to within a certain price interval. Also, keep in mind that flights on Tuesdays or Wednesdays tend be most affordable so if you can travel on those days, you’ll likely save even more money.

  1. Use a cash back site!

Nowadays we book all our vacation needs online: hotels, attractions, flights, car rentals, etc. By making these purchases through Dubli (a cash-back rewards site), I can earn a bit more money for my purchases. Dubli offers cash-back incentives on 12,000+ shops throughout the world. When it comes to travel, they have partnered with Hotels .com, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, and so many more.

Using Dubli is easy and straightforward. Just register an account, book your travel plans through the Dubli portal, and then wait for your cash. Easy peasy! Also, I love that there’s no minimum cash threshold before I can withdraw my earned cash. Once it is earned and deposited, I can take it out!
Thanks to their partnership with big companies, Dubli can help you save money. Since it’s free to join & start earning, #WhyNot give it a try?! With Dubli, you too can earn cash back on your travel plans when you book through Dubli! #WhatsNotToLike!
Dubli also offers a Premium or VIP membership. With this membership, your discount is doubled for the first 3 months. Awesome, right?! The VIP membership does require an annual fee, but you can also take advantage of special offers available only to VIP members. Now that the school year is practically over, I am definitely in Vacay Mode over here! Isn’t this hat perfect for vacation? 😉
We are so excited for our vacations this year. We will be taking a few road trips to MD and PA. We are also planning on doing a fun trip to Florida too… shhh that one is a surprise for the kids! By booking all my travel plans through Dubli,I can earn a little extra cash back and use that bonus cash for a fun purchase! Maybe a new pair of earrings!

  1. Use frequent flyer points!

If you fly often, be sure to join your favorite airline frequent flyer program. By doing so, you will collect points each time you fly. Eventually, you can redeem those points for free flights. There are even other rewards programs (like the American Express Membership Rewards program) that has partnered with 10+ airlines so you can still collect & redeem points without having to stick with just one airline.

  1. Use a search engine to find the best flight!

Using a travel-based search engine, such as Travelocity, is a smart way to find the very best rates on your desired flights. Why do all the work searching & comparing rates on 10 different airline sites when you can use one site that does it all for you automatically? Plus, when you go through the Dubli portal, you can earn some cash back on your expenses.

  1. Look for promotions/sales!

Many destinations (hotels, attractions, etc.) offer promotional deals, such as BOGO free, discounted rates, kids stay free, etc. By the way, travelling outside of peak times will give you the best chance of snagging the best deals. Also, be sure to subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite travel search engines via email to take advantage of deals right as they become available.Oh, and keep in mind, as long as you purchase your travel plans through Dubli, you can take advantage of the brand’s promotion AND Dubli’s cash back! That’s a WIN-WIN if you ask me!

  1. Bypass rental car insurance!

Did you know that rental car insurance is often unnecessary? Many private auto insurance policies (and even many major credit card companies) provide auto insurance for rental cars, especially if the car is rented for personal use. Always check your individual policies to be sure you’re covered, but there’s a good chance you can bypass the insurance at the car rental company. This simple step will save you a good chunk of change at the car rental office.

  1. Use ATM’s for cash!

If you’re in another country and need cash, check with your bank first. Rather than going to the currency exchange office, visit your bank ahead of time. After all, banks will often have the best rates for currency exchange. Even using your credit card at retailers will save money over visiting currency exchange locations. Withdraw a substantial amount all at once to minimize the fees you’ll need to pay.

Don’t forget to learn more about how Dubli can earn you cash back on your travel-related purchases this summer. Are you going anywhere special this year? I’d love to hear your vacation plans!

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