How to Use Decor to Change a Room’s Vibe

July 25, 2018 21 By EngineerMommy

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We have moved several times in the last ten years and every single time we move into a new space, there’s one thing that excites me the most: interior design! After all, it’s the furniture & home decor accessories that really transform a house into a home. Today I’ll be sharing some ways to make a single sofa translate into three different design styles: modern glam, rustic farmhouse and nautical. By the way, the sofa & all accessories are from CORT Furniture Clearance Center, so recreating these looks in your home would be totally convenient & affordable. 

One of my fundamental design philosophies has always been to invest in neutral, classic pieces of furniture and then use accessories to add pops of interest. For example, when I want to create a space that reflects a specific design style or one that celebrates a particular season/holiday, I use home decor accents to influence the room’s vibe. Sitting back and brainstorming a room’s design has always been a passion of mine! How to Use Accessories to Change a Room's Vibe

Today I’m sharing three design mood boards that all revolve around the Darby Sofa from CORT Furniture Clearance Center. I love that this sofa features a neutral gray color and modern, sleek lines that will complement any design philosophy. By simply changing out the accessories (rug, mirror, artwork, etc.), I can create completely different rooms. 

The first room I’m showcasing today features a nautical theme. This has always been one of my favorite design styles and I have incorporated it into my own home many times. Here’s what my nautical room looks like: nautical To create the sea-inspired vibe, I used blue colors in the rug (Ocean Horizon Rug) and pillows (Metro Jazz Pillow Pack).The Big Blue Framed Artwork, which features several fish, is a cheeky nod to the wildlife in the ocean. The Windsor Table Lamp, Fielding Mirror and Palm Tree all complement a sea-worthy space.

The second room I’m featuring is the Modern Glam room. This room is characterized by shine, brilliance & rich textures. In many ways, it’s a room that’s both contemporary & luxurious. glam This room has a luxe feel thanks to the shine & brilliance of the lamp (Glass Globe Table Lamp) & mirror (Neo Mirror). The Blue Ginger Framed Artwork and Contemporary Grasses Plant are both quite simple & super modern. Finally, the Fettucine Silver Rug looks luxuriously thick & comfy!

The third room design features the very popular Rustic Farmhouse style, which is typified by natural elements, wooden pieces and a neutral color palette. farmhouse This room came together thanks to the natural elements in the lamp (Mosaique Table Lamp) and the wood-framed mirror (Octavo Mirror). Plants are essential in a farmhouse room so I added the Living Wall w/ succulents & the Birch Divider. The Monaco Sisal Fudge 5X8 Area Rug adds a beautiful, natural texture to the space.

Can you believe that every single piece of home decor in these rooms is from CORT Furniture Clearance Center? But what if you want to rent? Did you know that CORT is a smart, cost-effective and hassle-free way to rent furniture? During times of transition, skip the trouble of buying, moving & setting up furniture… and then having to store or sell furniture when you’re done with it. With CORT, you can simply enjoy your space right away without any of the hassle! Sounds like a WIN to me! In fact, their team of professionals can help you navigate your new journey… all the way from finding a place to live to furnishing your new space. The sooner you can get your new home set up, the sooner you can start to enjoy your new life! How to Use Accessories to Change a Room's Vibe

Let’s face it – furnishing a new home can be quite expensive. Costs can quickly accumulate into the thousands! So even if you’re not necessarily facing a time of transition, renting furniture can be a smart option for the time being. You can still get a space that’s gorgeously furnished without breaking the bank.

By the way, you can rent furniture for varying lease terms (from several months to several years). You can even search for furniture on the CORT website by room or by the specific piece. And for those that want a more hands-off approach to the whole process, there is a Move-In Ready package, where a qualified team member will furnish your space for you according to your style & budget. Visit the CORT Blog for more advice & inspiration! How to Use Accessories to Change a Room's Vibe

Don’t forget to check out CORT Furniture Clearance Center to learn more about getting started with furniture rental today. Which of the three design styles do you like most? Have you ever rented furniture?

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