Getting Lost in London Fields

July 30, 2018 26 By EngineerMommy

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As a busy mom that’s always on the go, finding time to unwind at the end of the day is of utmost importance to me. One of my favorite ways to decompress is to grab some delicious snacks and get lost in an interesting movie. I recently had the opportunity to view the upcoming London Fields movie and it was such a fast-moving, entertaining mystery that transported the viewer through the ups & downs of life, love… and ultimately, death.

London Fields is a refreshing twist from the typical movie within the murder mystery genre. The plot, set in an ominous and broody modern-day London, moves quickly when we learn of Nicola Six, the beautiful young woman who is supernaturally aware of her impending murder.

One of the first scenes of the film is when Nicola Six dramatically enters the seedy Black Cross Pub. It is here that she runs into three men (Guy, Keith, and Samson), one of which she is certain will soon take her life. Nicola exudes a confidence, beauty, and sadness that are simultaneously ominous.

As unique as Nicola is, her three male suitors offer no shortage of intrigue. Samson, a beleaguered writer, learns of Nicola’s self-devastating premonition and becomes completely obsessed with her, as an inspiration for his latest novel. Guy, a very handsome & wealthy young man who seems to have it all, becomes smitten with Nicola’s beauty and apparent innocence. Keith, the financially-troubled brute with a humorously ever-hung jaw, also takes a liking for Nicola’s good looks. While Nicola does all she can to instigate the three men into murder, neither she nor the viewer knows which of the men will commit the deed until the very end. The reader is transported on a journey that is sometimes heart-pounding, sometimes humorous and always entertaining.

The movie was filled with so many thought-provoking quotes, so I wanted to share a few of my faves:

Guy always thought it was life he was looking for… but it must have been death.

In the middle of the movie, we learn that Guy, who appears to have it all (good-looks, wealth, and a family to share it with) actually carries a secret, profound sadness. This line beckons the viewer to question whether lack of happiness/satisfaction in life brings one closer to living or closer to dying.

Of all the forces, love is strangest. Love can make a woman pick up a bus or can crush a man under the weight of a feather.

This line demonstrates a key theme in the film. Love, or some similar manifestation thereof, drives men and women to our most spontaneous and unthinkable behaviors. We see this in the power Nicola has over the three men… and the lengths they will go in pursuit of her attention!

One of my favorite scenes of the film takes place when Nicola is heading to the vehicle, in which she knows she will be murdered. It’s the most moving scene of the film and the most memorable one.



She walks resignedly towards the automobile, the cabin of which she knowingly houses her murderer. The scene is tense, dramatic, and poignant.

Curious to find out who is the murderer and how it all plays out? Don’t forget to check out the London Fields movie for yourself! Do you enjoy suspenseful murder mysteries?


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