DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

September 21, 2018 24 By EngineerMommy

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I have always been a fan of DIY Planters. I have made quite a few over the years, but I never made them from pipes! Today I’ll be sharing how I used a series of PVC pipes to make some awesomely colorful Color-Blocked PVC Planters. To kick up the fun on these planters, I used Plasti Dip, which offers a fabulous range of coating solutions and enhancers. This product line is perfect for various DIY crafts and is available in 50 colors so you’re only limited by your imagination! Want to try Plasti Dip for your own projects? Click here to find a retailer near you and keep reading to see how my PVC Planters came together!

DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

Get three pieces of 4″ diameter PVC pipe cut to the following lengths: 6″, 12″ and 18″. DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters Spray Plasti Dip in Blaze Blue on the smallest and largest pipes. Did you know that Plasti Dip provides an air-dry specialty rubber coating? If you’d like to experience Plasti Dip for yourself, find a retailer in your area. DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

On the third pipe, spray Plasti Dip in Tropical Turquoise. This product applies like spray paint, but it’s much more versatile. Not only is it insulating and slip-resistant, but it’s also peelable once dry! This means you can create a project and when you’re ready for a change, simply peel off and start again! DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

To add a brighter hue to each of them, I sprayed each of them with Plasti Dip GLOW. DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters To add more visual interest, I used the Plasti Dip Metalizer on the pipes next. I used a piece of paper to create a vertical color-blocked effect on the smallest pipe. DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

Here is what it looked like after drying. You can see that half of the pipe is metal-ized and the other half is glowing! By the way, Plast Dip remains flexible over time so it’s a very forgiving product to use! DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

I also used the Metalizer spray on the largest pipe (horizontal line) and on the middle pipe (diagonal line). I placed all three pipes right in my flower bed! DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

I grabbed some small flowering plants from the home improvement store. DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

I placed one inside each of the pipes. As I water them, the excess water will simply go right into the ground. If you want to use these pipes indoors, simply place the pipes in a shallow dish. DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

I love the way these planters came out. Since Plasti Dip is peelable, any mistakes can be easily fixed. If I want to change the colors down the road, I can peel these off and start over! That’s something I really appreciate! DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

The bright colors, the geometric color-blocking and the smooth, sleek lines all make these planters a perfect addition to my backyard. The Plasti Dip product line conveniently protects against moisture, acids, abrasion, corrosion, and skidding/slipping, so it’s naturally perfect for use outdoors. However, it can be used for so many indoor projects, as well. By the way, thanks to the rubberized texture, these planters now have such a comfortable grip! DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

If you’re looking to spruce up your home decor crafts this year, check out Plasti Dip! It’s available in 7 colors and 3 enhancers: Crisp White, Lemon Yellow, Tin Roof Red, Pumpkin Spice, Midnight Black, Gulf Coast Blue, Gator Green, Glossifier Enhancer, Silver Metalizer Enhancer and White Pearlizer Enhancer. It’s available both online and in-store. You can get yours at Amazon or shop now at Awarehousefull. DIY Color-Blocked PVC Planters

Since Plasti Dip is super versatile, it’s the perfect addition to your DIY toolkit! Find a retailer near you. How would you use this innovative product? Have you ever made a DIY Planter?

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