25+ Aluminum Foil Uses

February 6, 2018 0 By EngineerMommy

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Aluminum foil is a common household item that most of us have on hand at all times. Did you know that there are so many ways to use aluminum foil around the home? Today I will be sharing some creative ways to put aluminum foil to use every day. From the garden to the kitchen, here are some unique ways to put aluminum foil to good use.

25+ Aluminum Foil Uses


1. Create special cake shapes. Simply form a double layer of aluminum foil in any shape you desire. Some fun ideas include hearts, Christmas trees, and more. Place on a large cake pan.

2. If your brown sugar has hardened, simply wrap a piece of the sugar in aluminum foil. Bake at 300 degrees for five minutes.

3. Frosting a cake but don’t have a pastry bag? Simply use heavy-duty aluminum foil to create a makeshift pastry bag. Fill with frosting. The best part? When done, simply toss the whole thing in the trash.

4. Keep bread warm for a long time. If you baked rolls and want to keep them fresh until dinner, line a basket with aluminum foil and wrap the rolls in a napkin. The aluminum foil will reflect the heat and keep the bread warm.

5. Stop ice cream cone drips by wrapping the bottom of the cone with some aluminum foil.

6. Does your silver look dull and tarnished? Line a big pan with aluminum foil, fill with cold water and add a few spoons of salt. Place the silver in the solution and then rinse off and dry.

7. Keep steel wool pads lasting longer with aluminum foil. Once you are done using a steel wool pad, wrap it in aluminum foil and place in the freezer. When you need it again, simply unwrap and use it as usual. Easy peasy!

8. Use a ball of aluminum foil to scrub your pots and pans. If you don’t have a scrub brush on hand, this is a practical, effective solution.

9. When baking something in the oven, line the rack with some aluminum foil. It will help to catch any drips or messes and keep your oven cleaner.

10. If your child is learning to use the potty, you can use aluminum foil to line their mattress as a makeshift means of protecting from spills. Use several sheets of aluminum foil to line the full width of the mattress. Place a towel on top of that and then place the fitted sheet on the mattress.

11. Sharpen your scissors with a few sheets of aluminum foil. Simply place a few sheets together and slice through with a dull pair of scissors. Several passes should do the trick.

12. Move furniture more easily by placing small pieces of aluminum foil underneath the legs.

13. Speed up your ironing work. Place a sheet of aluminum foil underneath your clothes. The foil will reflect the heat and help your clothes dry more quickly.

14. Speaking of ironing, clean your iron using a piece of aluminum foil. While the iron is warm (not hot), simply clean it with a ball of aluminum foil.

15. Repel insects and other pests in your flower beds with aluminum foil. Add some small strips of aluminum foil to your mulch and it will keep small insects away.

16. Create a sun box for plants. When plants get light from only one direction, they bend in that direction. Place plants inside a cardboard box lined with aluminum foil on all interior sides. The foil will reflect the sunlight and bathe the plants in sunlight from all directions.

17. Keep bees and flies away from your sweet beverages during summer. Simply line the top opening of your glass or bottle with aluminum foil. Then simply stick the straw through the aluminum foil. Flying pests will be kept away.

18. Clean your grill. After you are done grilling, lay a sheet of aluminum foil on the grates. Let all the food cook off. When you are ready to cook again next time, simply use the aluminum foil to scrape off any remaining food.

19. Need to bring a lot of items outside for a picnic? Line a large sheet of cardboard with aluminum foil and use it as a platter.

20. When camping, place aluminum foil underneath the full length of your sleeping bag or tent to keep moisture out.

21. Keep matches dry when traveling by wrapping them in aluminum foil. Wet matches won’t light so it’s essential to keep them dry.

22. Need a funnel? You can use aluminum foil to create the shape of a cone. One of the benefits of this use is that the aluminum foil funnel can be shaped into specific angles to reach anything.

23. Don’t buy new paint roller pans every time you want to paint. You can use aluminum foil to line the paint trays easily. Then when you are done painting, simply discard the aluminum foil liner.

24. Done painting for now but need to continue in the morning? Wrap a paintbrush with aluminum foil tightly and secure with a rubber band. It will keep the paint wet and prevent the bristles from drying out & hardening.

25. Professional photographers know the value of a well-lit subject. You can create a light reflecting board using aluminum foil and foam boards. Simply line the foam board with some aluminum foil. If you use a tri-fold foam board, it will stand up on its own.

26. Shine chrome. If you have some bathroom fixtures that are looking dull & discolored, scrub them with a ball of aluminum foil. It will shine them and even remove rust spots.

What is your favorite way to use aluminum foil?

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