5 Tips for Pampering Tired Feet

May 17, 2017 10 By EngineerMommy

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At the end of a long, busy day, my feet often ache. Many of us take our feet for granted, not realizing how much they do for us on a daily basis. If you’ve ever experienced sore, achy feet, then you know the importance of taking care of your legs and feet. Today, I will share some of my self-care routine for pampering my feet at the end of a long day.

Tips for Pampering Tired Feet


1. Fill a tub (either a bathtub or a foot bath) with some warm water and a handful of salts. Soak the feet for ~10 minutes.
*Tip: I like to light a lavender candle during this step. The scent of lavender and the sight of the flickering flame are so calming!

2. Always cut toenails straight across. Never cut a curve into the toenail shape or you could increase the risks of an ingrown toenail.

3. Exfoliate the skin on the feet with a sugar scrub. Want to make your own? It’s a simple recipe that can be customized in many ways. Simply combine equal parts of coconut oil & sugar. You can also add a few drops of essential oil for scent & therapeutic effects. I’ve made a few different sugar scrubs in the past, like this one and this one.

4. Add a moisturizing, rich cream onto the feet to restore moisture. I have been loving Dr. Jeffrey’s Foot & Leg Soothe, which is specifically formulated to attack those aches at the source!*
This product also repairs skin and strengthens the skin’s barrier levels. I really love how chic and sophisticated the packaging is on this bottle. I’m totally proud to display it in my bathroom!*
Featuring over a dozen safe, natural ingredients to promote healing, hydration and skin rejuvenation, this Foot & Leg Soothe is designed to make your feet feel great again. Plus, the scent is so pleasant and invigorating- perfect for my tired feet!*
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5. Wear warm, fuzzy socks to bed to trap the moisture. It’s also quite comfy to wear these socks when going to bed at night. If you want to take your foot pampering to the next level, see how I do a DIY Pedicure at home.

I hope these tips have inspired you. Be sure to check out the Foot & Leg Soothe and tell me: How do you deal with achy feet at the end of the day?

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