Streamlining my Life for Better Health

October 6, 2017 17 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Personal Trainer Food. All opinions are mine alone.

Over the past year, I went through periods where I neglected my health a bit. I wasn’t exercising, I wasn’t making smart food choices, my stress levels were through the roof, and I was suffering. I had a few wake-up calls that caused me to re-think my priorities and get my health back on track. Today, I’ll be sharing some of the easy ways I have improved my health. From prioritizing my sleep every night to trying Personal Trainer Food, see what I’m doing today and how they’re helping me lead a healthier lifestyle. By the way, keep reading for a promo code to score $200 off a Personal Trainer Food meal plan!

1. Get enough sleep!
It’s amazing what a difference a great night’s sleep can make in my mood. Of course, as a mom, sometimes my sleep needs come second to a kid’s nightmare or a toddler’s cold. However, I do my best to prioritize my sleep every night. I try to put away all electronics after a certain hour (sometimes it’s 7pm but it can be earlier or later). Did you know that looking at screens can disrupt the Circadian rhythm and negatively affect your sleep? Put those phones & laptops away well before bedtime. Another sleep-conducive trick I like to do is to pour some lavender oil into my diffuser. It create a lovely, relaxing scent that totally calms my mind!
2. Make smart food choices!
I have always eaten a diet that is pretty well-rounded. I have always loaded up on veggies & lean protein. I have always kept carbs (rice, bread, cakes) to a minimal level. However, with the school year in full swing, getting my meals together has been a bit challenging. I have succumbed to the ever-present drive-through once or twice (or thrice) and I’m not proud about that. That’s why I needed to make a change and Personal Trainer Food has a meal subscription service that suits my needs perfectly. I just received my shipment of the meals recently and will be sharing my first impressions today. Stay tuned for a follow-up post in a few weeks after I’ve had a chance to try more of the meals.

Personal Trainer Food offers meal plans that fit every need and every budget. By having my meals already figured out for the week, I don’t have to spend time cutting up veggies & marinating chicken. All that is done for me, leaving me with extra time to do the things that matter most to me like playing with the kids! Here is the box I received.
I love that all the food is packed inside a cooler with dry ice. I was relieved to see that all my food was still frozen solid when I got home.
Here are all the indiivdually-sealed pouches of entrees & sides on my counter. By the way, Personal Trainer Food also sends three delicious sauces that are the perfect complement to the meals.
Here are some things I’m excited about with this meal plan:

  • I won’t be hungry because all the meals include plenty of food to keep me satisfied for a while.
  • Personal Trainer Food specializes in creating balanced meals that promote healthy weight loss so I will be making a positive impact on my health very easily.
  • The meal plans are very affordable and are free of hidden fees, contracts, support costs, etc. Shipping is free and you can cancel your plan at any time. Check out some of the reasonable plan rates below.

Want to get started today? Simply place your order online, selecting your favorite mains and sides. There are so many delicious options to choose from. Just check out some of the entree choices below.
One of the first meals I tried was the Sante Fe Veggie Burger with Veggies topped with Garlic Butter Sauce. It was so delicious. Can you believe I got this nutritious, flavorful meal on the table in mere minutes? All I had to do was pop the individual pouches in the microwave for a few minutes.
How am I making meal time a breeze for the next few weeks? Here – take a look at my freezer! I put the entrees in the basket on the top shelf and I put the sides inside the drawer on the second shelf. Now when it’s time to feed myself, I simply grab one of each and I can have a tasty meal on the table in no time.
I will be sharing a lot more pictures of the meals I put together with Personal Trainer Food in my next follow-up post in a few weeks. For more details about the plans available, check out this informative video:

Ready to try Personal Trainer Food? Here’s an awesome coupon code that’s good for $200 off any 28 day plan: 200engineer

3. Reduce stress levels!
Everyday life can certainly get stressful. Just in the last month, we had a roof leak, we had tires that needed to be replaced and we had to deal with some family drama! 🙂 Nobody’s life is free of stress, but we can lessen the effect of that stress on our bodies by being smart about the choices we make. I recently took up yoga and can vouch for the calming effects on my body. I’m still new at it so I don’t know all the poses but I’m learning every day and loving the results. Another way to reduce stress is to write in a journal. By pouring all my thoughts into a journal or notebook, I can free my mind to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It’s a simple, effective solution!

4. Drink enough water!
Did you know that sometimes dehydration is mistaken for hunger? Make sure you stave off dehydration by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. I do like variety in my beverages so I also throw in unsweetened iced teas, lemon-infused waters and other low-calorie drinks!
5. Exercise several times per week!
One of the biggest changes in my everyday routine has been exercising regularly. I recently took up swimming. Going to the pool at least 4 days per week has been fun & totally beneficial for my health. I’m getting stronger & leaner and feeling more energetic than ever! It has been such a wonderful addition to my overall fitness. Plus, I’m learning the proper technique and stroke styles, so it has been a fun learning experience, too.

Now I’d love to hear from you. How do you manage to put nutritious meals on the table when you’re always on-the-go? Would you love to try Personal Trainer Food for your family?

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