9 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips

April 26, 2017 20 By EngineerMommy

There are certain times of the year, where I am downright embarrassed by the state of our garage. One of those times is right now! As spring rolls around, I find that our garage has been filled with all sorts of random stuff throughout the winter: kid’s toys, patio furniture, lawn care equipment, and so much more. However, the good news is that it isn’t impossible to tackle the garage in one day. With the right systems and a solid plan, the garage can go from a cluttered mess to beautifully organized in no time.

9 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips

9 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips

9 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips

1. Empty it out!
Start by emptying out the garage as much as possible. Clear out the boxes, the large equipment and any toys/furniture lurking inside. This step may be time-consuming, but it’s a necessary step.

2. Get rid of stuff!
Discard items that are broken, expired or otherwise outdated. For items that are just no longer needed, consider giving the items to charities that accept donations.

3. Group together!
As in all organization processes, be sure to group like items together. Keep all the balls together, all the toys together, all the tools together, all the lawn equipment together, etc.

4. Clean!
Give the interior of the garage a thorough cleaning. Sweep the floors and wipe the surfaces. You will be surprised by what has accumulated in the garage during the cold days of winter. I really like this product for the garage floor.

5. Install a pegboard!
Install a pegboard to make it easy to store all those random tools that you need. The pegboard will make it easy to see all your supplies at a glance and serve as function wall decor.

6. Hang up bikes!
Got bikes in the garage? Store them vertically with a smart system like this. This will free up space on your garage floor and keep your bikes readily available for all those spontaneous summer rides.

7. Corral balls!
Storing sports balls in the garage? Use a smart system like this one to keep everything neat and tidy.

8. Use labeled bins!
Use large plastic bins for everything else. I have a large pile of these bins in the garage. I use them to hold a bunch of smaller items. Of course, I have them all labeled so it’s easy to always find what I’m looking for.

9. Beautify the room!
Make the garage a beautiful place. The garage doesn’t have to be a functional workhorse. Make it a beautiful, inviting place to be by adding a bright pop of color to the walls or adding some cute pictures.

Indeed getting the garage to a clean, organized state is not difficult or complicated. It only takes several hours of time and some elbow grease. Make some time this weekend to clear out your garage and organize everything beautifully.

In fact, my husband and I will be doing just that this weekend. We will have my parents come over and stay with the kids for a few hours. We will be going through everything in there and that place is cluttered and quite messy at the moment. I’m a bit nervous about how long / difficult the process is going to be, but it needs to be done. Plus, I know the satisfaction of having it all neat & tidy will be amazing.

So, tell me: How does your garage look right now? Does it need a good organizational overhaul?

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