5 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Cozy & Warm

November 17, 2017 0 By EngineerMommy

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During fall & winter, there is nothing better than cuddling up indoors with a warm drink and a comfy blanket. However, the indoor air temperature has to be warm enough to be comfortable all season long. Here are some smart – and totally easy – ways to make your home warm & cozy this winter!

5 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Cozy & Warm

1. Block drafts!
There’s nothing good about wind seeping into the home through an old window or underneath a crooked door. Block those drafts with a simple weather-stripping door sweep – you simply slide this along the bottom of the door and it will keep those blistery winds outside (where they belong). If you have leaky windows, some window shrink film insulation is a smart DIY solution. It only takes minutes to install and can make a big difference. I actually wrote about my positive experience with this kit and have done the same treatment to other windows in my home.

2. Get furnace check-ups!
When it comes to keeping the home at a comfortable temperature, the most important factor is the operation of the furnace. If the furnace is not operating properly, then none of the other tips will make a substantial difference. The best way to keep your furnace operating at peak efficiency is to regularly maintain it. By changing the furnace filter on a pre-determined schedule and getting a professional HVAC tune-up twice per year, you can enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature and keep those furnace repair bills in check.

3. Invest in an electric fireplace!
We got an electric fireplace when we first moved into our current house. Not only do I enjoy the look of the unit, I also appreciate that it emits a steady heat, which is perfect for making our large living room comfortable even on the coldest days. There are many models available, but this one is very similar to the one we chose.

4. Add plush blankets & candles!
This tip is not going to raise the actual temperature of your space, but it will add to the coziness factor for sure. I love to add plenty of candles and plush blankets throughout our home during winter. They add a decorative element, but they also create a warm, welcoming mood in the space, too! That’s a WIN in my book.

5. Reverse ceiling fan direction!
If you have any ceiling fans in your home, be sure to reverse their direction before winter so that the fan blades will direct the hot air downwards. This could potentially lower your overall heating bill, keeping more money in your pocket. If you look up at your fan blades, make sure they are spinning in a clockwise direction.

Now I’d love to hear from you. How do you keep your home warm and cozy during winter? Do you also stock up on candles and blankets to add that cozy feel to your space?

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