5 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

December 9, 2017 20 By EngineerMommy

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I’ll never forget that day. It was a few years ago and Thanksgiving had just passed. I was getting ready to prepare holiday photo cards to send to family & friends. I turned on my computer, planning on finding just the right photos to include on the cards. However, my computer would not turn on… I pressed the power button but all I faced was a black screen.

As it turned out, my hard drive had failed and it was the only place that I had kept those files! The thought of losing everything I had on that computer was downright terrifying. I had pictures & videos of the kids’ first steps, first foods, first birthdays and so much more. I had pictures & videos of our wedding, our vacations and countless other precious memories. I could never re-create those moments in time. I remember the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and the paralyzing fear of never being able to get that data back!

Luckily for me, I was able to get the hard drive data recovered professionally. But I was lucky – many people aren’t able to ever recover that data! However, this experience taught me a valuable lesson and I will never again make the mistake of not properly backing up all my data. And with Acronis True Image, the whole backup process is quick and easy!

5 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

5 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

Here’s what True Image offers:

  • Backup & recovery of the full system
  • Backup and recovery of individual files and folders
  • Disk cloning
  • Defense against ransomware
  • Mobile device backup

You get all that with a standard one-time purchase. If you elect to subscribe to their Advanced or Premium service, you can also get other services, such as social media backup, real-time upgrades, backup to the cloud and much more. Click here for all the details on the different products.

5 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

5 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

Still not sure if you need to back up your hard drive? Here are five reasons why your data can be lost in an instant!

1. Computer Virus:
Even if you think you are practicing smart internet practices, your hard drive may still be at risk. Viruses can theoretically affect any computer that’s connected to the internet, so if you’re logged on, your computer may be vulnerable.

2. Hard Drive Failure:
Hard drives tend to fail at the most inopportune time so backing up your data on a regular basis is a no-brainer. Did you know that hard drives have a finite lifespan? They can – and often – fail without warning so don’t risk months & years of important files & memories.

3. Physical Damage:
Ever spilled a drink on your keyboard? (raises hand) Ever drop your laptop? Laptops are light & portable and that makes them super convenient for everyday use. However, they are also susceptible to damage from liquids and falls.

4. Theft:
Laptops are commonly stolen in public places. If you ever take your laptop to the local coffee shop (or other public spot), keep in mind that theft could result in a permanent loss of your hard drive data.

5. Power Surges:
Has your home even been hit with an electrical blackout or a power surge? Many people don’t realize that these electrical fluctuations can physically damage the hard drive. You don’t want to lose your data due to power inconsistencies.

Now that you know all the ways that your data can be lost, it’s time to discuss a solution. Did you know that according to a recent Acronis survey, over half of the respondents did not back up their computers? That’s a scary fact, because for many Americans, data loss is a very real possibility. Don’t be part of that statistic and risk losing years of precious memories.

5 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

5 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

With Acronis True Image, it’s easier than ever to protect your documents, photos, videos & more. You can use cloning to duplicate your system, capturing your data exactly as it appears on your hard drive. Storage of the data can be either on a local drive (USB disk or external hard rive) or to the cloud (it’s wise to have on-site & off-site copies). When you need to restore your data, you have the option of restoring the whole system or just a few important files.
5 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

5 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

Did you know that Acronis True Image is the world’s best personal backup system? Here are some reasons why I’m turning to Acronis for protecting my hard drive data:

  • It has actually been proven (by independent testing) to be up 10x faster and easier to use than the competition. I’m always looking for ways to save time.
  • It offers artificial intelligence technology that automatically eliminates ransomware infection. I love smart technology that makes my life easier!
  • Acronis offers the option of protecting many different devices, including PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Do you back up your data regularly? Would you love to try the effectiveness and convenience of Acronis True Image? Have you ever lost important data?

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