The Screen Time Survival Guide for Parents

December 5, 2016 9 By EngineerMommy

When it comes to managing your child’s device use, do you sometimes feel like you’re trying your hardest just to stay in the loop? You aren’t alone! Many parents nowadays are struggling to keep track of their child’s screen time. Today, I will be sharing some useful resources to help you manage it all – and keep your sanity intact!

The Screen Time Survival Guide for Parents


We live in a very unique time in history. For the first time ever, parents are raising their children in a world that’s driven by technology. Kids cannot imagine a life that’s any different, but as parents, we are struggling to keep up with the non-stop changes that are happening around us. Here are some useful tools and resources that can help you get everything under control.

For Educating Yourself: Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media’s slogan is: ‘We rate, educate, and advocate for kids, families and schools,’ and it’s right on the money. This website is essential for parents wanting to know about which apps are really going to teach your kids a new concept, versus those just in the ‘educational’ category that really don’t hold their weight. Or what ‘Kik’ really is… or whether that new TV show is actually appropriate!

Anytime you have questions about what your kids are doing (or should be doing) online, be sure to check with Common Sense first.

For Keeping Screen Time in Check: OurPact

OurPact is an essential parental control app that allows parents to remotely manage their children’s mobile devices through the power of internet and app blocking. Instead of setting rules around screen time and then having to fight to keep those rules in check (or forgetting altogether, as we parents tend to do), OurPact lets you set up automated schedules for device access (bedtime, for example) or block access at a touch, for however long you want (dinner time, for example).

It’s easy to set up, incredibly helpful, and free, and offers flexible management options with iOS and Android device management. There’s really no good reason not to sign up.

For Teaching Kids: Screen Free

This link is actually directed towards teachers, but it is a great resource for parents as well. The best way to encourage healthy screen time habits is by getting kids on board. Set up a screen free week with your kid’s school, and open up dialogues around the importance of settings limits. As soon as you have your kid on board, your job will be a whole lot easier!
For Content Limitations: Built-In Restrictions

When it comes to setting limits on the content your children see online, device restrictions are the way to go (followed by a long conversation!). In iOS, there is a handy tool called ‘Restrictions’ that can be found in the system’s device settings. In Android, a similar tool is called restricted profiles.

Now, tell me about your experiences. What tools and resources do you have for keeping screen time in check?

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