Smart Reasons to Consider Unlocked Smartphones

November 1, 2016 19 By EngineerMommy

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Last month, my cell phone contract expired. Now that I am on a month-to-month basis with my previous cell phone carrier, I am free to consider different cell plans that make the most sense for my data needs and my budget. One thing I have been specifically looking for is a great unlocked phone. What is an unlocked smartphone? It’s simply a phone that isn’t attached to particular carrier or contract. If you’d like to experience the flexibility and convenience of an unlocked smartphone, check out Best Buy for amazing deals going on right now!
Unlocked phones are a relatively new category in the cellular market. Personally, once I really understood the benefits of unlocked phones, I became quite interested in them! With an unlocked smartphone, since I am not tied to a specific cellular carrier or contract, I can upgrade my phone as often (or as infrequently) as I need. That’s convenience that I appreciate! For even more details about the benefits of unlocked phones, check out this page!

convenience that I appreciate

Unlocked phones are becoming increasingly common in the United States – and for good reason. Being able to choose among many phone models, cellular carriers and data plans is giving consumers a whole new way to customize their cellular experience. For those that travel internationally, having an unlocked phone is especially beneficial, since the phone has the flexibility of not being attached to a specific carrier in the native country.

While researching great places to find unlocked phones, I discovered that Best Buy is currently holding an Unlocked Smartphone savings event. There are fabulous deals on such classic brands as Samsung, Huawei, Moto, Sony, BLU, Alcatel and ZTE smartphones. You can stick with your favorite brand! For more details on the offers, please click here.

Here is a summary of some of the best deals I have found so far:

  • Moto: You can save $50 on Select Moto Mods with the purchase of Moto Z Play (valid 10/30/16-11/5/16)
  • Huawei: You can save $50 on the Honor 8 by Huawei plus get a free case, selfie stick and extra charging cable (valid 10/30/16-11/12/16)
  • Samsung: You can save $100 on the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (valid 10/30/16-11/12/16)
  • BLU: You can save $40 on the BLU Life XL (valid 11/6/16-11/12/16)
  • Sony: You can save $50 on the Sony XPERIA X Compact (valid 10/30/16-11/12/16)

Please note that phones, service and coverage are not available in all markets. Available in New Jersey. No dealers. See a Blue Shirt for details. 4G/4G LTE not available in all markets. Products must be purchased on same receipt to receive bundle/package savings.​​​​

There are so many amazing deals going on over the next few weeks! Be sure to check out Best Buy if you’re in the market for an unlocked phone. Experience the convenience and affordability of an unlocked smartphone from Best Buy for yourself.

Now, get more details about the Best Buy unlocked smartphone sales and tell me: Would you love the freedom of not being tied down to a specific carrier? Have you ever purchased an unlocked phone?

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