Preparing Our Kids For The Future

June 24, 2016 19 By EngineerMommy

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I can’t believe summer vacation is basically here! Are you prepared to keep your children engaged in learning throughout summer? How will you provide educational, yet entertaining, lessons for them throughout the rest of the year? The Boys & Girls Club of America My.Future Website helps parents do just that: expose their children to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects via an easy-to-use, interactive platform.

Preparing Our Kids For The Future

Preparing Our Kids For The Future

Preparing Our Kids For The Future

What’s really interesting is that STEM jobs are on track to grow nearly twice as fast as other fields by 2018. However, many of these jobs may not get filled due to a lack of people with the required skill set. To compete in a global economy, our children need to stay up-to-date on the latest tech developments and be able to master certain skills. However, it can be difficult for some students to pursue their interests in technology-related fields at home (or sometimes, even in a school setting). That’s where the Boys & Girls Club of America comes in! Programs like the Boys & Girls Club of America My.Future Website encourages children to pursue their interests in STEM fields.

The My.Future website is a fascinating, new platform that is supported by Comcast NBCUniversal. There are actually over 40 hands-on activities that promote safe & productive learning online! Specific features of the My.Future platform include: understanding the media sphere, developing digital interests, and earning certifications as they advance forward. By starting with the “Essentials,” My.Future ensures that all members have a well-established foundation of knowledge. As members complete additional tasks, they earn special badges, which can be shared online with friends! Eventually, My.Future will become an online community with worldwide members.

As a chemical engineer myself, I always jump at the opportunity to explain science & math concepts to my daughters! They’re still very young, but curiosity at a young age could easily develop into a passion at a later age. I look for any opportunity to make our everyday adventures a learning experience:

  • Watching a ball and feather fall from a certain height facilitates a basic discussion on the relationships between gravitational force, weight and air resistance.
  • Watering the plants in our garden lets us discuss the process of photosynthesis, along with the various elements plants need to survive.
  • Blowing bubbles leads us to discuss surface tension.
  • Baking a cake together makes it fun to talk about the differences between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures.
  • Paying the cashier at the store results in a conversation about numbers, addition and subtraction.

There’s no doubt that science and math are all around us. We can inspire our children to learn more about these subjects by simply making it a part of their everyday experiences. By encouraging our children to attend programs at the Boys & Girls Clubs, we can help them excel even further!

Did you know that the Boys & Girls Clubs have been the leaders in out-of-school programs for over 150 years? Furthermore, research has proven that students who attend out-of-school programs acquire more science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) knowledge! That’s pretty impressive, right? This increased knowledge often results in the students’ desires to pursue one of the STEM fields as a career.

As parents, we have to provide everything for our children. From nutritious meals to fun activities to educational lessons, it’s important to feed their minds, bodies and souls every day. With the various programs at the Boys & Girls Club of America My.Future platform, children can develop passions in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in a fun, interactive way

Now, learn more about how your kids can benefit from the Boys & Girls Club of America My.Future Website and tell me: How do you encourage your children to pursue their interests? Do you try to incorporate lessons into your everyday experiences? Has your child ever attended a Boys & Girls Club of America program?

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