My Journey Into Natural Products

October 25, 2016 17 By EngineerMommy

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As a mom of two young kids, I am quite conscientious of what my family is exposed to every day. Too much television. Too much sugar. Too many chemicals. The list goes on, and I believe it’s up to me to moderate it all. Today, I will be discussing how my desire to lead a healthy lifestyle encouraged me to reduce the chemicals in my home and switch to natural products for my family, such as the Tom’s of Maine Made to Matter® collection.

My Journey Into Natural Products

My Journey Into Natural Products Earlier this year, I made a commitment to follow a healthy lifestyle. Although not always easy, I try to make smart health choices every day. Here are just some of the elements of my active lifestyle and how I incorporate it all into my routine.

  • Maintaining a healthy diet is an essential component of my everyday life. For most of my meals, I try to stick with lean proteins, like chicken and fish, and pair them with plenty of veggies and some whole grains. My snacks usually consist of fruits paired with low-fat dairy products, such as yogurt or string cheese.
  • Going to the gym every day can be a big commitment, so I just make sure to be active every day. Maybe that means I’ll dance with my daughters in the living room. Or maybe I’ll park in the farthest spot in the parking lot, and then walk as quickly as I can to the store. Simple steps make a big difference.
  • Getting adequate rest every night is essential. With two young kids in the house, my sleep is sometimes interrupted during the night. So I need to make every effort to make the most of whatever sleep I do get. That means I put away electronics before bed and do something relaxing in the evenings, such as journaling or reading.
  • Keeping stress at bay is essential for a well-rounded, happy mood. Everyday stressors can quickly get overwhelming, but it’s important to find ways to unwind and decompress. For me, I enjoy a warm bath, lavender-scented candles, and walking. All of these things are my go-to solutions for dealing with stress.
  • Taking care of my teeth is another way that I take care of my overall health. Brushing my teeth twice per day, flossing daily and visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups & cleanings are part of my oral care routine. I recently discovered Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White™ Toothpaste and I love that it whitens my teeth without all the chemicals that are in traditional toothpastes.

In fact, I have been trying to reduce the amount of chemicals in my home for months now. It all started with my cleaning products. I was shocked to see the long list of harmful ingredients in traditional products and I started looking for more natural cleaning products. I found a few staple products, and I have been impressed with how well they get my home just as clean! I was so pleased with my switch to natural products for cleaning around the house that I knew I wanted to switch to natural products in other categories, too. When my friend suggested I check out the ingredient list on traditional toothpaste, I was surprised to see all the preservatives. Luckily, my Tom’s of Maine Luminous White™ Toothpaste is free of parabens and gluten! My Journey Into Natural Products Moreover, I’m so impressed with how well it keeps my teeth looking & feeling clean. My Journey Into Natural Products Safe on tooth enamel, the Luminous White™ Toothpaste is Tom’s of Maine most advanced natural whitening toothpaste. My Journey Into Natural Products Did you know that all of Tom’s of Maine products are free of artificial dyes, fragrances, flavors and preservatives? I love that these products are good for the planet and the body. So I decided to check out other products in the Tom’s of Maine® Made to Matter® collection, and I found the Wicked Cool!™ Deodorant for my daughter. I love that it’s effective at odor protection without exposing my daughter to all the chemicals found in traditional deodorants. My Journey Into Natural Products Wicked Cool!™ Deodorant is for boys and girls and provides 24-hour odor protection! I really love that this product is free of aluminum, parabens, and artificial fragrances. My daughter can now run, play and have fun, but still be confident, thanks to the odor protection of this deodorant. My Journey Into Natural Products Look for Tom’s of Maine® Made to Matter® products at your local Target store. toms-target

Want to learn even more about Tom’s of Maine®? Watch this video below:

See how Tom’s of Maine has something for everyone in your family and tell me: Have you switched to natural products yet? Would you love to try effective personal care products that are free of artificial dyes, fragrances and preservatives?

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