Tackling a road trip with the kids: tips for success

June 20, 2015 0 By EngineerMommy

Ok, we are going away this weekend, and today was Project-Get-Our-Road-Trip-Supplies! So we stopped by Walmart and Dollar Tree to pick up a bunch of little goodies, treats, snacks and miscellaneous distractions to help stop vacation tantrums in their tracks!

Let’s face it… when you’re on vacation, you’re driving in the car, sightseeing, walking around outdoors! It gets tiring easily! And for young kids, the tiredness is amplified ten-fold! Let’s not even mention the missed naps and the unfamiliarity with new surroundings! So I knew before we left, I would need to pack a bag full of distractions to help my husband and I maintain our sanity while away from home.

Please note that I don’t normally give my kids candy or sugary drinks, but for a small vacation, I make an exception. I want everyone to have a great time, and I want them to really embrace the vacation spirit! So here’s how I tackle road trips with the kids… here’s my Distraction Bag!

Tackling a road trip with the kids: Tips for Success

Tackling Road Trips with Kids: Tips for Success

Tackling Road Trips with Kids: Tips for Success

So here’s the specific breakdown of each component:

Tackling a road trip with kids: tips for success

Tackling a road trip with kids: tips for success

Juice bottles: I picked up a six-pack of these at Walmart. In addition to this juice, I will have a few gallons of water and the girls’ normal refillable bottles. So I can give them diluted juice throughout the day. Note that I dilute the juice heavily with water!
Boxes of candy: Ok, these are also for us! My husband and I like to treat ourselves to a yummy snack, too, on vacation. Of course, we’ll share some with the kids. Again, it’s just about moderation and not handing candy out to the kids on a regular basis.
Small wooden blocks: I picked these up from Dollar Tree. They’re a great distraction from boredom. They have the whole alphabet on them, and I know my girls would love to hold them and play with them. At the table in a restaurant, we could practice spelling words, or we can practice counting, or we can built a tower. Endless possibilities!
Play dough: I picked these up from Walmart. They are tiny little tubs of play dough, from the party favor aisle. They’re the perfect size for on-the-go playdough fun!
Coloring book: I got this one from the Dollar Tree. I hadn’t seen this type before. It’s really cool and I like it- I may or may not be coloring in this book myself on vacation! No, seriously, it has realistic images of animals, and I’m pretty sure Sophia would love to color in the realistic alligator (for a change) instead of all the fairies, princesses and cartoon characters she’s used to!
Pre-filled snack containers: These snack containers are from Walmart, and they have various different snack options: cookies, crackers, etc. They’re the perfect size for my kids to share on the way from the zoo back to the hotel, for example. They’re small and cute, and I know (from personal experience) that the kids both really respond well to these. I’ll also bring their refillable snack cups from home, too!
Markers: Self explanatory… these markers will be a necessity for the coloring book. My kids definitely prefer markers over crayons these days.
Velvet coloring pages: These are the Big Hit of my bag. Both girls love these coloring pages, so I figured they’ll come in handy when trying to derail the worst tantrums from materializing!
Small activity books: These are fabulously-sized to slip into my purse and have on hand for restaurants or the hotel room or even the car.

I hope this Distraction Bag helps inspire you to create your own for Tackling Road Trips with Kids. It can seem daunting, but with a little preparation, a good time can be had by all! 🙂

Happy Vacationing!

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