Spreading Holiday Cheer with Kleenex®

November 19, 2015 25 By EngineerMommy

We all want to show our friends & family that we care about them, especially during the holiday season, but we don’t always follow through. Sometimes life can get busy. Sometimes we forget to do so. Sometimes we can’t think of an easy way to do it. But guess what? There are many easy ways to show someone that you care about them! One of my favorite (and totally easy) ways to display a gesture of care is with a homemade gift. I have a fabulous gift idea to show someone you care about them! It’s affordable, festive and simple! And it features the Kleenex® Winter Pack from Sam’s Club!

Since we moved into our current house a few months ago, I’ve been trying to get to know our new neighbors. I usually try to be friendly if we run into each other on the street! Just the other day, I ran into my neighbor who lives right across the street from me. I was coming home right at the same time she was coming home. And she visibly had a cold! She was sniffling and sneezing! So when I got home, I thought of a very simple way to show her I care! I grabbed one of my Kleenex® Winter Pack canisters, added a few extra holiday touches and gave it to her later that evening! She was so grateful and really loved the gesture! It was such an easy way to show her I care!

Want a sneak peek at the gift I gave her? Here is my gift idea featuring an adorable tissue canister from the Kleenex® Winter Pack!

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Cute, right? You may be wondering where I got one of those adorable tissue canisters. Well, during one of my recent trips to Sam’s Club, I came across a fabulous deal on Kleenex® tissues! This is what I brought home!

Look at how much you get inside one of these Kleenex® Winter Pack sets! Plenty of tissues in adorable containers!

I’m absolutely loving the value of the Kleenex® Winter Pack. It comes with 3 perfect fit Winter canisters and 8 lotion boxes! And it’s only $15.96 per pack at Sam’s Club! With cold & flu season rapidly approaching, this collection from Sam’s Club is a must-have item to keep around the house! I keep one of the tissue boxes in the car, one on my desk, one at my bedside table and one in the kitchen! Oh, and the canisters make gorgeous gifts during the holiday season!! With canisters this stunning, it doesn’t take much to dress them up. A little ribbon and a Christmas ornament gives them that extra pizzazz to make a totally adorable gift for a teacher, neighbor, friend, etc.

Here is how these little gifts came together:

Kleenex® Perfect Fit Winter canisters
Christmas ornament
burlap ribbon
decorative faux berry stem

1. First, thread the ornament onto the twine and wrap around the canister. Secure with a knot.
2. Then, wrap the ribbon around the canister, tucking the decorative berry stem in the ribbon.

How cute is this? I think it looks so fun and festive! I’m loving all the tissues I get in the Kleenex® Winter Pack collection! Also, this gift is so thoughtful because the recipient gets a bunch of quality tissues to help with cold & flu season and a pretty Christmas ornament to display on the tree!
Gesture of Care Gift

Gesture of Care Gift

I’ve always loved Kleenex® tissues. They’re both soft and strong! The Kleenex® Lotion boxes are 3-ply so they’re very absorbent! And with aloe vera and vitamin E, these tissues provide a soothing touch to sensitive skin. The Kleenex® Perfect Fit® tissues are 2-ply and come in an upright box! The Kleenex® Anti-Viral* facial tissues are 3-ply and have a middle layer that kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses! How cool is that?! The Kleenex® Ultra soft is perfect for flu season and are thicker with 3-ply construction. The Kleenex® Mainline is 2-ply and is perfect for home & business use.

If you’d like to pick up a Kleenex® Winter Pack, be sure to head to Sam’s Club today or tomorrow to take advantage of the $3 savings available until November 20th!

I love my Sam’s Club membership. I get amazing values on the quality brands I use everyday! Shopping there is also a pleasure too, as the products are easy to find and the employees are so friendly & helpful! I love that I can buy our household essentials in bulk there so I save time, money and additional shopping trips! If you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership, consider getting one to save on the products you purchase everyday!

Now, learn more about Kleenex® Winter Pack, and tell me: How would you show someone you care about them with Kleenex® tissues?!

Many thanks to Kleenex® Brand for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to spread comfort and cheer!

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