JOLLY TIME Pop Corn Invites You to Unplug. Pop. Connect.

April 28, 2015 0 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have taken the pledge… have you? JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is inviting everyone to take the Family Pledge! This pledge consists of three steps: Unplug Pop Connect. The first step, Unplug, means you have to disconnect from all technology- shut off the smartphones, turn off the computers and switch off the TVs. The next step, Pop, is the really fun part- make some yummy JOLLY TIME Pop Corn. The final step is to Connect with your loved ones. Maybe that means looking at family photo albums or playing board games or simply having meaningful conversations. Whatever works for you and your family!

undefinedWe recently moved into a new house, and so many days around here are filled with hanging wall art, painting rooms, replacing bathroom fixtures, or tiling floors. Yes, we love to do DIY home improvement around here. What this means, though, is that by the end of the day, we are usually so exhausted from working around the house throughout the day. It is sometimes tempting to just put the TV on and zone out. However, I am making a concerted effort not to rely on technology too much, because it doesn’t allow me to really connect with my husband and kids. So, we are now trying to Unplug. Pop. Connect. We are starting to shut the TV off in the evenings, enjoy some JOLLY TIME Pop Corn and connect with each other! And it’s so much fun!

While the kids are still up, connecting usually means playing some kid-centered board games. Sophia has been loving the Bed Bugs game and Charlotte loves playing Guess Who. It’s so beneficial for everyone to share this quality time with each other. Who doesn’t love popcorn and playing fun games! After the kids go to bed, my husband and I will often sit at the dining room table with a big bowl of popcorn and plan out our remodeling projects: what needs to be demoed first, how much we plan on spending to re-do the patio, etc. It’s so much more exciting and interactive than just staring at the TV screen all evening!

Have you guys seen all the flavors offered by JOLLY TIME Pop Corn? There are so many delicious ones- it’s really hard to pick just one! I absolutely love the Xtra Butter flavor- can’t get enough butter flavor in my popcorn! My husband is a huge fan of the Jalapeno Butter one- he likes things spicy! The Mallow Magic flavor is also pretty spectacular with a bright and delicious flavor of marshmallows. And when I’m watching my waistline, I love to enjoy the Healthy Pop Butter 100 Calorie variety. Which is your favorite JOLLY TIME Pop Corn flavor?


Don’t forget to visit JOLLY TIME Pop Corn’s Unplug Pop Connect site and share your family pledge. You could win a high value coupon or possibly a sweet prize package! And check out JOLLY TIME Pop Corn on Facebook for news & offers from the company!

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