Impressive DIY Kid’s Art Stations

May 18, 2015 0 By EngineerMommy

I am about to set up the art station in the new playroom for the little rascals! And of course, I go online for inspiration, and Pinterest is a treasure trove of so many beautiful, little creations and ideas.

If you’ll remember, I set up this place for the kiddos to do artwork in the old house here! It was a perfect, little spot to change out their latest and greatest creations. Now, I’m looking to create a new spot to display their art masterpieces, as well as create a little art center or art station for them to have all their supplies easily accessible and available for their little minds to get creative! I have some ideas up my sleeve already, but let’s take a look at some of the other amazing ideas these bloggers created!

Impressive DIY Kid’s Art Stations

Kid's Art Center

Kid’s Art Center

1. I love this art center. She used an Ikea coffee table and simply attached a piece of oilcloth on top of it. Perfect for easy clean-up. Oh, and all the art supplies are within easy reach!

2. This Ikea cart does doubly duty as an art cart, making it portable and super functional!

3. This product from the Container Store makes it easy to store and beautifully organize your kids’ art supplies!

4. How appealing is this art center! It has everything any little kid could dream of, all within this adorable vintage-y inspired color palette.

5. Using the Martha Stewart Wall Manager system, look at how pretty this art center is. Everything looks so clean and modern and organized. So simple yet so effective!

6. This creativity center is toddler-friendly, and is perfect for inspiring kids to exercise their imagination. I love how the magnetic board corrals all the small art supplies!

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