15 Genius Halloween Decor Hacks

October 15, 2015 0 By EngineerMommy

Are you looking for some great Halloween decorating ideas? I have some smart Halloween Decor Hacks for you all today! Whether you’re looking for some elegant additions to a living room or some spooky faces for your yard, I have collected a list of amazingly easy decor ideas that you can implement for Halloween!

Is your house all decked out for Halloween already? Or did you not start yet? Either way, check out this list below and I’m sure you’ll find a few easy and impactful ideas to add to your Halloween decor!

15 Genius Halloween Decor Hacks

15 Genius Halloween Decor Hacks

15 Genius Halloween Decor Hacks

1. Headless Horseman Door Greeter: You will not believe how easy it is to make this little door greeter. And isn’t it super spooky? I love it! via

2. Eerie Living Room: With just a few sheets strategically draped over living room furniture and a cobweb or two over the mirror, you can really spook-up your space! via

3. Glowing Eyes: A toilet paper roll and a glow stick are all you need to create a whole set of these fun, glowing eyes! via

4. Birds Galore: For a fun and subtly spooky look, perch some raven birds on bare tree branches. You can find ravens at your local craft store! via

5. Floating Witch Hat Luminaries: These adorable little witch hats are illuminated and perfect for spooking the little trick-or-treaters that come to your front porch! via

6. Cheesecloth Spiderwebs: These spiderwebs are so easy to make and add such a frightful touch to any living room! via

7. Mini Pumpkin Wreath: This might be the cutest thing I’ve seen all day! This wreath is made up of a certain type of seed pod that actually looks like mini pumpkins. The great thing is these pods don’t deteriorate so this wreath will last for many years! via

8. Black Paper Flowers: Make DIY flowers using black paper and add a Halloween-style floral touch to any space! via

9. Eyeballs in a Tree: How fun are these eyeballs? Placed in a tree, it definitely evokes the idea that someone is watching you! via

10. Creepy Crawlers: I’m loving the look of these little pumpkins that are made to look like little spiders. And the votive candle just adds a fun extra twist! via

11. Paper Bag Luminaries: What Halloween decorating is complete with some good luminaries? These luminaries are made from paper bags- cheap and convenient! via

12. Vampire and Bat Pumpkins: These fun little pumpkin decorations are an easy addition to your Halloween decor. Carve some pumpkins and add some teeth! via

13. Halloween Centerpiece: Is there anything more creepy than creepy crawlers? Check out this vase of flowers covered in bugs! Ewwww-in a good way! via

14. Glamorous Glittered Pumpkins: All you need to make these fabulous pumpkins is some craft glue and black glitter. I always have those on hand! 🙂 via

15. Halloween Entrance: Can you believe that this is an entrance to a home? Check out how to add angry eyes and a mouthful of sharp teeth to your front door! via

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