13 Awesome Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

December 22, 2015 3 By EngineerMommy

A cleaning hack is designed to make the job of cleaning easier and more effective. Cleaning is definitely one of those chores that needs to get done on a regular basis. Nobody really enjoys cleaning (at least I don’t think so), but by using a few smart tips and tricks, you can definitely get cleaning done more easily and more efficiently. After all, if we have to clean our houses, we might as well do it as quickly and thoroughly as possible. These cleaning hacks are designed to make our lives easier, which is a wonderful thing- especially when you have young kids in the house who give you maybe 5-10 minutes a day to focus on things like cleaning the house! So check out my list of smart cleaning hacks and shorten the amount of time you spend getting the house in tip-top shape!

13 Awesome Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

13 Awesome Cleaning Hacks

13 Awesome Cleaning Hacks

1. Clean your mattress! A mattress can be difficult to clean, but make this homemade cleaning spray using vodka and essential oils to disinfect and freshen up your mattress. After all, you spend a lot of time lying down on that thing! via

2. Don’t spend a ton of money on buying those store-bought cleaning wipes. Make your own swiffer-type socks and get your floors sparkling clean in no time!! via

3. Use dryer sheets in many ways. They’re not just for adding to your dryer during laundry time. Use them to wipe your baseboards and you’ll be adding a dust-preventing layer! Less dust means less cleaning in the long run! via

4. Put your microwave to use! When it comes to cleaning out the inside of your microwave, nothing works quite as well as turning your microwave on! Add some water & lemon to a microwave-safe bowl inside and turn on the microwave. The steam released will help to clean the microwave efficiently. via

5. Need to shine those appliances? Furniture polish works wonders to make stainless steel sparkly and shiny! What an elegant solution to a common problem! via

6. Got dirty toys? Use your washing machine to run a toy-cleaning load of laundry! This is such an easy & smart way to get all your kid’s toys cleaned in one simple step! via

7. Banish those unsightly hard water stains with vinegar. Yes, this all-natural cleaning powerhouse is effective at completely removing those white hard water stains! via

8. Cut through grease with white chalk? Got greasy stains on clothing or the walls? Use regular old white chalk to remove the grease! What a simple & effective solution! via

9. Got a lot of small crumbs in hard-to-reach places? Use masking tape to pick up all the small crumbs! This is effective and so much easier than taking out the big vacuum! I’ve been doing this for so many years and it always works well!

10. Not sure how to clean those blinds? Wrapping a sock around your hand makes it super easy to swipe all the dust off the blinds in one swift motion. via

11. Get your leather furniture back to like-new condition with some shoe polish! It will fade scratches and make the leather shine! Easy peasy! via

12. Get your coffee maker looking & smelling fresh by running some vinegar & water through the cycle a few times! What an easy way to clean up the inside of the machine! via

13. Clean the toilet with a cola soda! Although it sounds absurd, it actually works! Try it out the next time you’re cleaning the bathroom! via

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