12 Amazing Coffee Filter Crafts

August 5, 2015 1 By EngineerMommy

Looking for some fun, crafty ways to use coffee filters? There are so many ways to repurpose coffee filters and flex your crafting muscles at the same time. Many of these projects are perfect for involving the little ones to help out, as well! The next time you’re at the supermarket, pick up some coffee filters… not to make coffee, but to make one of these creative coffee filter crafts! 🙂

So let’s get to the list, shall we?

Coffee Filter Crafts

Coffee Filter Crafts

Coffee Filter Crafts

1. These coffee filter flowers are beautiful and look so realistic. via

2. I love this garland for a Spring mantel. via

3. This coffee filter butterfly is perfect for a Spring craft activity with kids. via

4. These coffee filter monsters will definitely be a hit with my kids! via

5. These snail suncatchers are made from coffee filters and let the sun shine through them- lovely!! via

6. I’m loving this color wheel. What a wonderful way to teach colors to toddlers! via

7. This coffee filter apple art is a beautiful way to welcome Fall into your home! via

8. Here are some more fun, colorful coffee filter flowers! via

9. These coffee filter snowflakes are beautiful and so easy to make! via

10. These hot air balloon are so stunning. Who knew they were made out of coffee filters?! via

11. These watercolor coffee filter banners are so pretty. Perfect for a birthday party! via

12. These painted paper bouquets are so sweet. I love this on a gallery wall full of kid’s artwork! via

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