Stuffed animal storage ideas- DIY

April 30, 2014 6 By EngineerMommy

With two girls under 3 years old, we have amassed quite the collection of stuffed animals. We have stuffed animals of almost every Sesame Street character, stuffed animals of a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, stuffed animals of various baby dolls, stuffed animals of random farm animals (like a stuffed pig, stuffed cow, stuffed chicken, etc.) We used large baskets to corral these guys for a long time, but that didn’t really do a great job.

Storing the stuffed animals in baskets wasn’t a perfect solution because it wasn’t possible to identify and take out one particular animal at a time. When the kids wanted one stuffed animal in particular, it resulted in pouring out of the whole basket of animals onto the floor. Not pretty… not pretty at all!

Too many stuffed animals all over floor

Too many stuffed animals all over floor

So this post served as my inspiration for this stuffed animal display / stuffed animal storage / stuffed animal organizer. Let’s get right to the tutorial, shall we?
Tutorial for stuffed animal organizer

Tutorial for stuffed animal organizer

Stuffed animal storage ideas- DIY

Supplies Needed:

  • Thin ribbon
  • Clothespins
  • Hanger to affix it to the wall (I used a simple picture hook hanger; you could also use a nail or screw.)

stuffed animal organizer supplies

stuffed animal organizer supplies

Tutorials for Stuffed Animal Organizer:

  • Determine the length of your ribbon based on the number of stuffed animals you have as well as how long you want the finished stuffed animal organizer to be.
  • Cut your ribbon to this length.
  • Form a large knot or two at the bottom of the ribbon. Thread two clothespins through the ribbon using the center hoop in the center of the clothespins.
  • stuffed animal organizer tutorial

    stuffed animal organizer tutorial

  • Skip several inches (I skipped about 5inches) and form another few knots. Top with two or three more clothespins.
  • Skip another several inches, form another two knots and top with more clothespins.
  • Repeat this process until all your clothespins are threaded.
  • Clothespins for stuffed animal storage

    Clothespins for stuffed animal storage

  • Form another loop in the ribbon at the top. Slip this knot over your picture hanger (or nail or screw) in the wall to hang up your stuffed animal organizer.
  • Hanging organizer for stuffed animals

    Hanging organizer for stuffed animals

  • Attach your stuffed animals by clipping a part of the stuffed animal with the clothespins.

Hanging stuffed animal display

Hanging stuffed animal display

*TIP: Note that the finished product looks best when the stuffed animals on the lower clothespins are behind the ones of the upper clothespins. This way, all the clothespins are basically hidden! In other words, after you’ve loaded up all the clothespins, starting from the second-from-the-bottom clothespins, pull the animals’ legs in front of the bottom clothespins. Then move onto the third-from-the-bottom clothespins and pull those animals’ legs in front of the second-from-the-bottom clothespins. Repeat for the whole length of the organizer.

I used Dollar Tree clothespins and they worked well enough. However, more heavy-duty clothespins would allow you hang bigger, heavier pieces. So if you have very big or heavy pieces, you may want to use more expensive clothespins.

I love how my playroom is coming along. This stuffed animal organizer is a wonderful addition to this space. It allows all the animals to hang beautifully in the corner of the room, gets them off the floor, and allows my girls to pick any one to take off without making a huge mess!

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