Strawberry Ginger Ice Cream Float featuring Canada Dry Ginger Ale

December 29, 2014 9 By EngineerMommy

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With holiday preparations being in full swing over here, I wanted to share with you all a delicious and easy drink recipe that I will be serving at my holiday party. It’s a very simple recipe with only a few ingredients and it takes just 5 minutes to whip together, leaving you more time to mingle with your guests! Perfect! And if you’re planning a party soon, be sure to check out this link to Find more fun holiday drink recipes and entertaining tips!

All the ingredients for this recipe can be picked up at Safeway, so there’s no need to run around town sourcing various ingredients from different stores. Oh and this recipe is a fabulous way to make any day extraordinary, so even if you’re not preparing for an upcoming party, you will still want to know about this yummy drink!

So let’s get to the recipe now, shall we?

Strawberry Ginger Ice Cream Float featuring Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Strawberry Ginger Ice Cream Float


  • 2 scoops strawberry ice cream
  • 1 cup Canada Dry Ginger Ale
  • frozen strawberries
  • dollop of whipped dairy topping
  • seasonal sprinkles

Canada Dry Ginger AleIngredients for Ice Cream Float


Place the two scoops of strawberry ice cream at the bottom of a glass.

Two scoops of ice cream at bottom of glassPour the Canada Dry Ginger Ale on top. Top with the whipped topping and sprinkles, because isn’t everything so much yummier with sprinkles?! I think so.

Strawberry Ginger Ale Ice Cream Float

This drink is so delicious. Rich and thick and frothy, the sweet flavor of strawberries pairs so wonderfully with the subtle spiciness of the ginger ale. Use a smoothie straw to sip this drink, and serve with a spoon, too. You will want to scoop out ice cream in between sips of ginger ale. This is such a fun, festive drink

All the products for this drink, and for the rest of your holiday entertaining needs, can be picked up from Safeway. One-stop shopping! So convenient! Feel free to serve this drink following the main course… sort of as a prelude to the dessert course.

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I hope you enjoy this Strawberry Ginger Ice Cream Float recipe! Don’t forget to head over to Safeway to pick up all the ingredients to make this delicious Strawberry Ginger Ice Cream Float! Find more fun holiday drink recipes and entertaining tips!

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