Smart hack: use sheet straps to prevent futon cover from slipping off

March 26, 2014 1 By EngineerMommy

We got this futon / sofa bed from Ikea years ago. When we lived in a studio in Manhattan, we used it as our every-night bed. Since then, we’ve upgraded our nightly bed situation, but we still own this sofa bed. It stays in the loft – in the playroom. And it serves a guest bed when we have overnight visitors.

Most of the time it stays folded up like a sofa. I realized I could use any sheets as a makeshift futon cover, since I didn’t love any of the ones commercially available. They were either too busy or too boring or too expensive or too rough. Anyway, I bought medium thread count sheets from Burlington Coat Factory and put them on the futon. The sheets fit well.

But we kept having a problem. A recurring problem…

The sheets kept slipping off the mattress. And I researched all kinds of possible solutions. I thought about sewing Velcro to the sheets and to the mattress to keep them attached. I thought about using elastic to hold the sheets in place. And then I found that a perfect product already exists for this purpose. Using these sheet straps enables me to keep the sheets on the mattress at all times. Even when my toddler throws herself on the sofa bed and starts playing with the sheet!

It looks so much more finished and polished now. Such a smart hack!

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