How to speed clean a wet room

September 5, 2014 0 By EngineerMommy

Have you ever heard of speed cleaning? It’s a method of quickly and effectively cleaning a space, by using minimum effort to achieve maximum cleaning. How does it work? By doing certain cleaning tasks first and then letting the products work on cleaning, you can use that time to actively clean another area. Being efficient will reduce the total amount of time required to clean a space and enable you to move on to doing something more enjoyable.

Speed Clean a Wet Room

Speed clean a wet room

Speed clean a wet room

Wet rooms are kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms and require more complex cleaning challenges than dry ones. Rather than moving around the room in random stages, stagger the tasks to be completed in an efficient and strategic order. In this way, you can maximally clean the space in minimal time.

  1. Place the trash can outside the room to be emptied at the end. Add toilet bowl cleaner to the toilet and let stand. Apply tile spray or all-purpose spray to the shower / bathtub walls and let stand.
  2. Dust any light fixture. Spray and squeegee the mirror. Spray and wipe the towel racks, toothbrush holders, faucets and counters. Scrub the sink interior with powdered cleaner and rinse clean.
  3. Spray toilet surfaces with sanitizing bathroom cleaner (toilet top, bowl top, bowl cover underneath, seat top, and the seat underside). Wipe toilet surfaces dry in reverse order.
  4. Using a tile brush, scrub to loosen debris on the shower / tub walls. Rinse walls clean. Use powdered cleaner to scrub the tub / shower. Polish dry. Using a mop, clean and dry floors. Wipe baseboards. Empty & replace trash can.

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