How to prepare for a house showing with kids

September 10, 2014 0 By EngineerMommy

Are you trying to sell your house? Do you have kids (and kids’ stuff) in the house and need a solution for quickly de-cluttering the mess? We are about to put our house on the market and we are trying to think of ways to quickly de-clutter the space in our living room on short notice (for a pending house showing) and we found one very neat of way of doing just that.

Ready for the secret on

how to prepare for a house showing with kids

Here it is – this little baby!

Prepare for House Showing with Kids

Prepare for House Showing with Kids

This is a storage ottoman. It matches our décor, but most importantly it has a lot of storage space inside. In fact, I have two of them. Wanna see inside?
Prepare for House Showing

Prepare for House Showing

Yes, I told you it has a ton of space inside. Perfect for stashing kids’ toys / games / books / miscellaneous stuff when I just have a few minutes. It’s perfect, because it looks decorative, but it serves a very practical purpose, particularly during the process of selling the house.

Here are some more tips on where to stash stuff on short notice before a house showing:

  • Throw random things in a laundry basket and store it in the trunk of your car!
  • Put extra stuff in big plastic bins and store them in the basement / attic / garage.
  • Throw excess stuff in decorative baskets and place them high up in a closet.

I will be discussing more tips on staging the house for sale in upcoming posts, so stay tuned for more tips and tricks on preparing to sell your house!

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