How to display kids artwork

May 16, 2014 0 By EngineerMommy

My three year old is already making a ton of art projects: coloring book pages covered in crayon, marker and paint; construction papers filled with stickers; papers covered in glue and glitter and feathers; and much more. She loves making art, and I love encouraging it. Heck, she comes home from preschool and the YMCA childcare multiple times a week with more art that she makes there! I also have a 10 month old who is slowly but surely going to be making art of her own in no time!

It’s a lot of art!

I know I am in for years and years of art project collecting and storing and displaying. I don’t like the “Hang it on the refrigerator” method for a number of reasons:

  • It makes the refrigerator door, and thus the kitchen, look cluttered. And I don’t deal with clutter well!
  • It’s not a pretty solution. The papers are just hanging there, looking out of place for the most part.
  • There’s not enough room for display. You could only hang one or two at a time before the fridge REALLY looks like a big mess!

I wanted to create a better, simpler solution. And I came up with the perfect idea. It would go in the play room, in the corner. It would become a huge part of her little art station. This art center contains her art work on the wall, along with some decorative decals and her art table & easel.

Let’s look at the finished piece now, shall we?

kids art display: art hung up

kids art display: art hung up

Let’s get to the tutorial. It’s easy, I promise.

Tutorial: How to display kids artwork


kids art display: supplies

kids art display: supplies

  • 1×2 wooden board, cut to about 3 feet long
  • craft paint
  • 6 clothespins
  • washi tape
  • hot glue & glue gun
  • screws
  • power drill


  • Paint your wooden board in your choice of color. I chose pink because that’s a primary color in the kids’ play room space.
  • kids art display: painted board

    kids art display: painted board

  • Use a strip of washi tape to cover the fronts of each clothespins. I chose three different patterns of washi tape, and covered two clothespins in each of the tape patterns.
  • kids art display: washi clothespins

    kids art display: washi clothespins

  • Drill the board directly into the wall in two spots. Use a stud finder to insert the screw directly into the stud. If you are not going to be using studs, make sure to use a Drywall Anchors(affiliate link) so your piece is secure.
  • kids art display: board hung on wall

    kids art display: board hung on wall

  • Use hot glue to affix your pretty washi clothespins onto the board at equal intervals.
  • kids art display: affixed clothespins

    kids art display: affixed clothespins

  • Hang up the artwork.

kids art display: art hung up

kids art display: art hung up

And change it up often- that’s the benefit of this system! When you get tired of some of the pieces that are hung up, simply take them down and put up a newer one! It takes 3 seconds and will make your space feel refreshed!

The playroom is really coming together! Check out this bird-inspired DIY picture, this stuffed animal organizer and these dollar store decorative letters.

Happy crafting!


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