DIY felt Elmo finger puppet tutorial

March 10, 2013 2 By EngineerMommy

My daughter loves Sesame Street. The whole gang. Elmo and Abby and Cookie Monster and Count and Murray and Rosita. She loves her Sesame stuffed animals so much that she sleeps with one of the them every single night. And we have collected almost all of the characters. We still have to buy Rosita though.

Anyway, I thought it would be cute to make an Elmo finger pupper out of felt for her. It was so easy to pull together and she absolutely loves it!!

DIY felt Elmo finger puppet tutorial

  • red, white, black, and orange felt
  • needle and thread
  1. Wrap some felt around your finger to determine the appropriate size for your finger puppet base. Sew all around and then twist inside out.
  2. Cut out two white circles and two smaller black circles. These will be the eyes. Hot glue them on. (Or you could sew them on.)
  3. Cut out an orange oval for the nose and attach it (sew or glue).
  4. Cut out a black semicircle for the mouth and attach it (sew or glue).
  5. Ta-da! Enjoy your Elmo finger puppet! Easy, wasn’t it?

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