When to toss old makeup

January 28, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

If you collect makeup like I do, you must have a ton of extra mascaras, lipsticks & blushes just lying around. However, in order to avoid a bacteria buildup disaster, there are some guidelines on when old makeup needs to be discarded. Even if you feel tempted to ignore these rules, please remember that it is much easier to buy a new mascara than treat an eye infection!

Here are some guidelines on when to toss old makeup:

  • Powders, concealers: a few years
  • Cleaners, moisturizer: 6 months
  • Pencils: a few years
  • Mascaras: 3 months
  • Foundations: 6 months

Some extra tips to keep your cosmetics in best shape include:

  • Store all cosmetic and beauty products on a cool, dry shelf. Try to keep out of the bathroom, where high humidity will encourage bacterial growth.
  • If any products change color or consistency, it is time to throw it away, even if it falls within the guidelines above.
  • Use makeup sponges, lip brushes and eye brushes when possible to avoid introducing bacteria from germy fingers.

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