Unique red velvet desserts for valentine’s day

February 2, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

What’s a more appropriate dessert for Valentine’s Day than red velvet anything? Personally, I love the flavor of red velvet cake but would like to try something different and unusual. I’m collecting some of my favorite red velvet confections for the upcoming holiday of love. Here are some of the most unique red velvet desserts floating around the web these days.

Red velvet desserts for Valentine’s Day

  1. Serve your sweetie breakfast in bed with these red velvet crepes– Taste and tell blog
  2. Admire the beautiful colors in this red velvet trifle– Recipe girl
  3. Enjoy this red velvet twist on a classic with the red velvet black and white cookie– The velveteen baker
  4. Savor the baked flavor of these red velvet donuts– Taste and tell blog


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