Sew your own cute baby / toddler pants DIY

October 4, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

I love baby clothes. The small sizes, the cute patterns, the adorable dimensions… It’s all so precious! So last week, when I was walking through Hobby Lobby, I came across this pretty fabric and I loved it. I thought it was elegant yet not overly sophisticated. It had just enough whimsy to make me want to try my hand at making some toddler pants.

Now, I have never sewed pants before. I have never made any sort of baby clothes before. I did have fun making these baby shoes and these baby booties. But this seemed more involved than that. So I needed to find an inspiration for my toddler pants, and I roughly followed this tutorial here.

So here is the fabric that I used.

Pretty, isn’t it?!?

Here is how I folded up the pants to line up the crotch seams (sorry if that’s not technically correct terminology- I told you I’m new to this!).

This picture shows the pants after the crotch seams have been closed.

Here is a close-up of my hand stitchery. Obviously, a machine would have probably made a tighter, more secure stitch, but these pants have held up remarkably well.

Here are the pants after the hem has been finished. I simply used the iron-on adhesive hem tape, so no sewing required there!

For the waist, I simply sewed on a ribbon along the waist circumference and used that to keep the pants up. No elastic there! Next time, I will try using elastic for a more finished look! Nonetheless, I am pretty proud of my first pair of sewn toddler pants!!!

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