Nursery book cases, shelves, and slings: displaying children’s books

March 31, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

When I first got pregnant, I knew that I would definitely want to buy a ton of books and read them to my little one. The question, however, was how to display them in a practical way and make them easy to access. Well, after scouring the web for ideas, I found a bunch that I liked and used for inspiration.

What we wound up doing for our house was using the rain gutter shelving for her nursery and a complementary book sling for the playroom. Below are some great ideas to help you organize your child’s book collection.

Nursery book cases, shelves, and slings: displaying children’s books

  1. Repurpose vinyl rain gutters into cute bookshelves displayed on a gallery wall- Sunshine on the inside
  2. Use pretty fabric to make a hanging book sling– Penny carnival
  3. Bring nature indoors with this clever bookcase tree– Lushlee
  4. Build customized bookshelves for your child’s room- Martha stewart

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