Kids crafts on a rainy day using stuff around the house

February 15, 2012 1 By EngineerMommy

If the skies are overcast but your kids are getting antsy, keep them busy with some of these fool-proof crafts to keep little hands (and minds) busy! Even better- most of the supplies for these crafts are probably already in your house!

Crafts to do with your kids on a rainy day using stuff already around your house:

  1. Make a recycled rocket ship using a toilet paper roll- Creative dish
  2. Make a group of clam shell friends using extra beach shells- We know stuff
  3. Make fun and interesting water toys– Every little day
  4. Make decorative bedroom door signs– Design editor
  5. Make adorable owls from acorns- Bkids
  6. Make a slew of fascinating discovery bottles– Modern parents messy kids

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