Effective re-loading of cabinets & drawers: organize your home series

October 28, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

Effective Reloading of Cabinets & Drawers

Now that you’ve isolated only the items that you will keep, it is time to reload the cabinets and drawers. First dust and wipe down the interiors of the cabinets and drawers. It is easiest to do this when the cabinets are empty so do a thorough job now.

Use the work zone groupings on the counter to load like items together. Use the following guidelines as an aid:

  • Heavier items belong in a lower cabinet.
  • Store pots, pans, cookie sheets, muffin pans, etc. in a base cabinet near the oven.
  • Keep all the dishes, glasses and mugs together near the dishwasher/sink so that putting them away is convenient after they’ve been cleaned.
  • Keep all the spices together, crackers together, cereals together, pastas together, etc.
  • Load the refrigerator similarly following the ‘like with like’ rule- keep condiments, jams, eggs, dairy, meats, cold cuts, leftovers, etc. together.

Now that everything in the kitchen is sorted and lives in a dedicated home, all you need to do is maintain the system. The single most dangerous thing to do at this point is to take something from its home and not return it back to its home immediately when done with it. Don’t fall into the trap of telling yourself you will return the item to its proper location at a later time – do it right away! If you make a habit of procrastinating returning items to their proper location, you will have a disorganized, messy kitchen (and house) in no time. Also make sure everyone else in the house knows that you worked so hard to re-organize the space and now you expect them to replace everything back to its original home when they are done using it.

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