DIY toddler toy: dollar store foam sticks

December 31, 2012 2 By EngineerMommy

I love me some toddler toys – toys that keep the little one happy and entertained for several minutes at a time! These types of toys typically use fairly cheap materials, bright colors and encourage the little one to explore creatively or exercise motor skills. I’ve already written about the toddler pom pom toy, which has gotten so much good use around our house and outside.

Now I will talk about another dollar store toddler toy. The foam craft sticks. They are colorful and flexible. And they are a dollar. Enough said!

Here is how you put this one together.

DIY toddler toy: dollar store foam sticks tutorial

  1. Gather several of these sticks.
  2. Attach small pieces of velcro to each end of each stick. You can either sew the velcro pieces on or hot glue them. Make sure the velcro pieces cannot be removed by little hands.
  3. Instruct the child to attach the sticks together using opposing ends of velcro to create interesting shapes, numbers, letters, etc.

Warning: As toddlers explore things with their mouths often, please supervise the little one at all times when playing with this toy. Pieces of foam or pieces of velcro should never be put in the mouth!

You can make this toy more educational by challenging your toddler to create the letter “B” or number “7”, for example. You can also make it interesting by telling her to only use sticks of one color.

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