DIY Discovery bottles- fun kid’s craft project

February 21, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

Looking for a DIY project you can do with the kids on a rainy afternoon? Then look no further. These discovery bottles are a surefire way to entertain those little hands and minds. I know my little Sophia is forever mesmerized by watching the confetti float around or hearing the beads clatter on the sides of these bottles.

DIY discovery bottles

  1. Collect clean, empty plastic bottles of varying shapes and sizes. Remove all labels.
  2. Find small bags of confetti, beads, dice, etc. at the dollar store to use in the bottles.
  3. Fill the different bottles with water and toss in the various confetti, beads, dice, etc. Add a few drops of different food coloring to the bottles. Also add a few drops of soap for some sudsy foam to one of the bottles.
  4. Place some hot glue on the rim of the bottle and quickly close & seal the bottle with its cap. Let the glue dry to ensure a tight seal.
  5. Shake your discovery bottles & watch your little one’s eyes light up!!!

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