Decorative countertop M letter DIY

September 26, 2012 1 By EngineerMommy

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of decorative letters. I’ve done these small decorative letters and these yarn-wrapped letters, and those are just for Sophia’s room. I’m also working on an initial M for our master bedroom above the headboard. So I picked up this M from Marshall’s. It was a dark burgundy red, and it was in the clearance section for $5 because one side of it had some scratches, but the other side of it was unscathed. Needless to say, I picked it up and placed it in our kitchen on the countertop for a while. Here is the original letter.

Then I started looking at it, and thinking I could make it look a little more glam. I picked up this Martha Stewart paper tape from TJ Maxx a while ago and had no idea what I would do it with it… until now! This would be perfect for sprucing up my M letter. Any color of washi tape or other decorative tape would also work well here.

I simply used all four paper tapes alternating each one. I placed it diagonally across the letter and used a utility knife to trim the excess from the edges. I love the way it turned out. It looks so much more special now, and the neutral metallic golds and silvers really up the elegant factor.

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