Build out of cardboard boxes: imaginative, creative toddler crafts

May 11, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

We always have some cardboard boxes around the house- from a delivery or picking up a large amount of stuff from the store. Rather than just throwing away the cardboard, why not really recycle it into a new & unique use? Repurpose it into a completely new item by building something that young toddlers will absolutely adore… like a mailbox or a barnyard!

Check out these amazing ideas for inspiration on what to do with your leftover cardboard boxes!

Build out of cardboard boxes: imaginative, creative toddler crafts

  1. Build a darling sweet shoppe for an unforgettable birthday party theme.- The busy budgeting mama
  2. Foster pretend play by building this cool toddler-sized mailbox.- Ikat bag
  3. Let that little girl feel like a glamorous princess with this fabulous dressing table.- Childhood 101
  4. Create a stunning barnyard for a farm-themed party.- Living locurto

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